Cocktail Bar Course Eden

During this workshop with the Eden's chef de bar you will find out all there is to know about preparing the latest in-drinks.

With views of the city, the lake and the Alps, and located a mere stone's throw from the Opera House, this over a century-old hotel is the perfect base from which to experience Zurich.


Clubbing at Zurich’s oldest nightclub.

Clubbing at Zurich’s oldest nightclub.

Fondue Trolley in Zurich

Schwarzenbach Kolonialwaren

这家专卖店已经在苏黎世Niederdorf 区经营了将近一个世纪。来看看这里各种各样的茶叶、咖啡、干果和意大利面吧,所有的东西都按重量买卖。你可以在旁边同样店名的茶馆或咖啡馆饮一杯醒神茶,岂不悠哉游哉!