Neuenburg: Chaumont - Neuenburgersee - Mont Vully - Creux-du-Van Val-de-Travers

Neuenburg: Chaumont - Neuenburgersee - Mont Vully - Creux-du-Van Val-de-Travers



15分钟的缆车经历终身难忘,把您带到海拔1000米以上的地方,欣赏3大湖区气势磅礴的壮观景象、莫拉特(Morat)和比尔市的全貌、阿尔卑斯的山麓风景以及从阿尔卑斯山延伸到布兰克山脉(Mont Blanc.)的雄伟风光。

颇有意义的小道“时光之旅”(Le Sentier du Temps)从肖蒙启程,带您踏上一个奇妙的进化之旅,4500米轨道的每一步都代表了进化史上的100万年,独特而又神秘。


Altitude: 1171m
From the Neuchâtel railway station on foot (2 km) or with the trolley-bus from the north exit to the Le Coudre city district, funicular rail to Chaumont
View: Over Lake Neuchâtel, west-side of the Swiss Mittelland and Swiss Alps, on a clear day as far as Mont Blanc
Attractions: Leuchtturm viewing tower, earth theme path back to Neuchâtel
Culinary aspects: Petit Hotel: Restaurant with panoramic views, extra funicular rail trips
Hotel Chaumont: up to180 people, for cocktails as many as 400; Oriental and fish specialities in the evening.
Overnight stays: Petit Hotel: 5 charming rooms
Hotel Chaumont: 88 rooms
Groups: Petit Hotel: Seminar rooms for up to 15 people
Hotel Chaumont: 8 conference halls, up to 300 people
Winter: The funicular railway travels year-round, winter hikes, alpine snowshoe tours to Les Savagnières
Special comments: Highland hike to the Chasseral