Seminar package "healthy and sustainable"

Schaffhausen , Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein





Seminar package "healthy and sustainable"

Our seminar package "healthy and sustainable" includes

- carbon neutral meeting (with certificate)
-beautiful, historic meeting room
-coffee break before noon with faire trade products
-coffee break after noon with sandwich counter
-vegetarian main course with a small salad
-large bowel with apples in the meeting room
-standard equipment (screen, beamer, flipchart, pinboard) and Wi-Fi
-soft drinks in the meeting room
-if presenting the public transportation ticket the meeting fee is 68.00 Fr. per person

Min. 10 people, 从 CHF 70.– (CHF 70.–)* per person

有效期: 30 六月 2014 - 30 六月 2015

从 CHF 70.–‎