Erlebnishotel Etoile stars


Längflue: Längfluh

Längflue: Längfluh

Saas-Fee: Mittelallalin

Saas-Fee: Mittelallalin

Saas-Fee: Talstation Spielboden

Saas-Fee: Talstation Spielboden

Small and exquisite, but with a big heart! The Erlebnishotel Etoile is as unusual as it is popular and radiates warmth and cordiality. It is located in an exceptionally quiet and sunny spot in a part of Saas-Fee called Wildi. The 22 beautifully renovated rooms are very comfortable and all have a balcony with superb views of a world of mountains and glaciers of unparalleled beauty. The same view is to be had from the Panorama Dining Room, incidentally, where there is plenty for the palate to feast on, too.




Situated in the heart of the mountains, in the idyllic, car-free village of Saas-Fee, the Etoile is the perfect place to relax and make the most of your holiday.

The cosy atmosphere, romantic mountains and feeling of being taken care of are sure to put you in a holiday mood.

The balance struck between relaxation, entertainment and animation makes for an upbeat climate.

Here, original theme evenings are combined with examples of regional cuisine, lovingly prepared with creativity and painstaking attention to detail.


这家酒店超棒。。 靠近观光旅行团。 酒店环境和建筑都非常好。 崭新的房间。 受情侣欢迎。

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