Pensiun Chesa Pool (Unique)

Fex Platta


The main building of the Pensiun is the 400-year-old former farmhouse that has been converted into a holiday domicile. Here, guests meet one another in the bright and open restaurant which has placed the accent on regional, seasonal and organic dishes. Guests are pampered exclusively with vegetarian cuisine three times a week. Particular emphasis is given to the selection and recommendation of excellent wines. Visitors wishing to relax in a quiet atmosphere after their meal can withdraw to the 'Kaminstübli'.




Car-free and surrounded by nature: Fex Platta is regarded as a place with natural healing powers and accordingly provides the mystical, harmonious backdrop to the Pensiun Chesa Pool. It is the peacefulness which immediately becomes apparent. Here one is still able to enjoy magical nature undisturbed and in tranquility. But your stay in the Pensiun itself is also intended to help you regain inner balance and calm: and that's the very reason why the 24 non-smoking rooms are also television free.


这家酒店极佳。。 食物很美味,服务也很友善。 受独行旅客欢迎。

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