Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof. stars

Flims Waldhaus


Fin de siècle, Belle Époque and Art Nouveau styles set the atmosphere at the Schweizerhof Flims. In summer it is Lake Cauma and the fragrant alpine flora that invite the visitor, and in the winter it is the 235 kilometres of ski slopes and beautiful winter hiking trails. Since 2008, the hotel has been managed by the 4th generation of the Schmidt family. Belle Époque restaurant, half board or a la carte, for high quality meals with a French influence.



Brainstorming with Albert Einstein & Marie Curie

In the summer of 1913, Albert Einstein together with his wife and son honored the Hotel Schweizerhof with a visit – at the same time as Irène Curie, the daughter of Marie Curie, and an acknowledged chemist herself. According to the guest book, they were “very pleased” with their stay. Whether this was due to the laid-back balmy evenings with relaxed dinners on the veranda of the hotel, or because of the inspiring talks and theories among fellow professionals, we will never know. At the time, the staff would only wonder about the strangely bescribbled napkins left on the table after dinner. Who knows, maybe Einstein developed the basis for his theory of relativity back then at the Schweizerhof...


Rich in tradition, this hotel was built in 1903 in the Belle Époque and Art Nouveau styles. Currently managed by the 4th generation of the same family. Daniel Schmid, the director, is the grandson of the hotel's founder and has had a cultural influence on the hotel, where the likes of Albert Einstein, the Empress Zita and Marie Curie chose to spend their "summer retreat". The history of the Schweizerhof can be read in the book "Literary Grand Hotels of Switzerland".


Even the fourth generation of hosts have remained faithful to their values in this family-run, first-class Swiss hotel: "To give service to our guests" was the motto of great-grandfather Daniel Schmidt who built the Schweizerhof.
Even his successors believe that offering a service to the guest in the best sense is something highly commendable, provided that one engages with people and their individuality with interest, attentiveness, humour, curiousness and affection.


超棒的豪华酒店。 靠近观光旅行团。 房间很干净,酒店建筑很好。 顶级的游泳池。 受情侣欢迎。

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