Waldhaus Flims, Mountain Resort & Spa stars

Flims Waldhaus


Luxurious hotel resort with a superb blend of nostalgic glamour and state-of-the-art design in a timeless and tranquil setting in one of Switzerland's largest hotel parks, with views of the Flims-Laax mountain landscape. 150 rooms, 6 restaurants, 5 bars, Art Nouveau hall, Belle Epoque pavilion, tennis, curling, wellness paradise on 2,500m2, kids' club, golf, petting zoo, high wire adventure garden and so much more that each time you stay will be a peak experience.




Located about an hour from Zürich, in the magnificent mountain scenery of Flims- Laax, this remarkable holiday world is set in the largest hotel grounds in Switzerland. The Kids’ club, seven restaurants, children’s playground, petting zoo, tennis school, youth camps, extensive hiking and the luxurious spa thrill guests of all ages.


This hotel's been a household name since 1877. It houses the largest Belle Époque hotel museum in Switzerland, besides the Olgiati Museum of Architecture. Large collection of historical cultural assets and a crystal collection by the famous Grisons Alpine crystal prospector Paul Membrini in an historic vaulted room. The pavilion of today was originally constructed in 1904 as a casino. Rooms and lounges have been renovated extensively.


Special distinction 2005

Distinguished for "the comprehensive preservation and perpetuation of high quality hotel architecture, the rich stylistic history of which may be discovered in the hotel’s own museum".

This late classical main building was constructed between 1875 and 1877. The two annexes, the Villa Belmont and the Villa Silvana, were added in 1881 and 1889. In 1904, a Gesellschaftshaus [community centre] comprising a restaurant, a café and an entertainment hall was built and decorated with a special panorama by Swiss painter Giovanni Giacometti (see Special "Mobiliar" Prize 2005). These four buildings, so distinctly different in their style, function and volume, together create a rare example of a pavilion-style hotel complex which is today duly cared for and artfully complemented with contemporary architectural elements. In 1992, the "Belle Epoque" hotel museum was opened and in 1994 the Gesellschaftshaus was restored. In 2003, Villa Silvana was renovated and in 2004 a wellness centre was added, housed in a filigree glass cube. The entire hotel complex is nestled in a park-like hilly landscape and forms a rather unique picture near Lake Cauma.


This superlative wellness oasis in its secluded hotel garden setting is truly hard to beat. With its indoor pool, heated outdoor adventure pool, organic swimming pond (with ice hole in winter), aroma and steam baths, saunas, rest area, hamam, wellness suites, fitness club, sunbathing lawn, pool bar, Tujetsch treatment with Grisons soapstone, 12 beauty rooms and much more you are guaranteed a range of rich sensory benefits.


超棒的豪华酒店。 适合观光游览。 早餐非常好,员工很专业。 宜人的酒店场地。 受情侣欢迎。

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