Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein

Werdenberg地區位于聖加侖的萊茵河流域,在瑞士的東部邊緣。它包含了很多行政區,其中有Sennwald (Frümsen、 Haag、 Salez、 Sax 和 Sennwald)、 Gams、 Grabs、 Buchs、 Sevelen 和Wartau (Azmoos、 Trübbach、 Weite、Oberschan 和 Malans) ,還有地處列支敦士登公國邊界的Heidiland、 圖根堡和聖加侖的萊茵河流域。



Werdenberg has a rich cultural history, as is borne out by its numerous monuments. As a living counterpart to these, the various villages in the region organize a programme of cultural events, including exhibitions of contemporary art. And by the way, the region owes its name to the little town of Werdenberg, which was first mentioned in a document dated 1289. Originally a fortified town, Werdenberg was one of only a few to be granted market rights. It is also the only wooden medieval settlement in Switzerland to have retained its town-like character. Thanks to a stroke of extraordinarily good luck, this little jewel of a town was spared the ravages of war and fire that elsewhere caused so much death and destruction over the centuries and so has survived for generations intact.