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Bex: Les Martinets

Bex: Les Martinets

Bex: Aerodrome de

Bex: Aerodrome de



For centuries the ownership of salt mines meant wealth and power. The salt deposits at Bex, discovered in the 15th century, are still mined today. The salt mines are accessible to visitors, a museum depicts the mining of salt from 1684 to the present.

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Between 200 to 60 million years ago, the present Rhône Valley was a shallow sea.The salt deposits of Bex in the Canton of Vaud are derived from the salt of this sea. A labyrinth of passages and tunnels, over 50 kilometers long, today yields 30,000 tons of salt per year.

On a visit to the museum and the mine, visitors see the various techniques of salt mining from the year 1684 to the present and the history of this white gold. A small mine train takes visitors into the subterranean world and to the restaurant located in the mountain at a depth of 400 meters.The mines can be explored further on foot. Unusual adventure tours offer treks into the mines and tunnels that date from the 17th century.

A variety of plain and herbal salts from Bex can be purchased under the brand name “Sel des Alpes”.


How to get here

On foot:
From the Bex CFF railway station to the Salt Mines: about 1 hour and 20 minutes
From the Bévieux TPC railway station to the Salt Mines: about 50 minutes

By car:
follow the brown road signs

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