A peaceful walk up to Alp Sass

The peacefulness of the village of Malbun really is balm for the soul.


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Begin of tour: Bus stop Malbun Zentrum
End of tour: Bus stop Malbun Zentrum
Access starting point: Bus to Malbun
Access point of arrival: Bus from Malbun
Technical requirements: easy
Physical fitness: easy
Hiking time: 1 h 45 min
Length: 5 km
Gastronomy: Restaurants in Malbun


And there is more of the same to be had on this winter hike from Malbun up to Alp Sass and back again. The tour takes you through silent forests, at the same time treating you to some truly splendid views of the Pizol and Alpstein mountains.


3D立體遠足地圖 下載GPX座標 KMZ下載(GoogleEarth)



精心策劃的旅行將爲閣下帶來最大的快樂和享受。請在出發前聯絡當地資訊中心,查詢有關路線和天氣情況。 閣下選擇的路線可能因爲天氣或開放時間影響而導至部分關閉或完全不開放。

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