Champéry summer 1863, an open air museum, Champéry - 瑞士國家旅遊局

Champéry summer 1863, an open air museum


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Champéry summer 1863, an open air museum
To celebrate his 10th birthday, the Patrimoine Champérolain publishes a exposition about life in Champéry during the 19th century, in form of a comic strip, with the drawings of Cosey and the commentaries of Fabrice Clément.

The original boards are exposed in the village street. They are divided in two parts :

- The first part tells about the discoveries Gustin of Champéry makes in his village. He was born about 1780 in Champéry.
He joined Napoleon's army as mercenary and lived through the battle of Berezina in 1812 and knew the forced exile in Russia.
The grief of the country and the yearning to see his family again, brought him 50 years later, in the summer of 1863 back to Champéry.

- The second part is about the all-day-life. The discoveries of Gustin show you the way of life of a sincere and hard-working population.
It also talks about political activities, domestic life, the cultivation and processing with the hay, woodworks, the life of the mercenaries, emigration, tourism...



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