Active at Lake Murten

Murten , Fribourg Region





Active at Lake Murten

Explore the magnificent Lake Murten region by bicycle and on board ship.

Our offer includes: 2 nights incl. breakfast, 1 day ticket for a cruise on the three lakes (Murten, Neuchatel and Biel), 1 day ticket for bicycle hire, 1 welcome present

Price per person:
Hotel 2* 從 CHF 180.– (CHF 180.–)* in a double room
Hotel 3* 從 CHF 200.– (CHF 200.–)* in a double room
Hotel 4* 從 CHF 290.– (CHF 290.–)* in a double room

The cruises run daily until 28 September and then from Fridays to Sundays until 19 October.

有效期: 18 四月 2014 - 19 十月 2014

從 CHF 180.–‎

而不是 CHF 225.–‎閣下節省 CHF 45.–‎