Montreux Jazz Festival


Montreux Riviera

Montreux Riviera

“Nothing is impossible for dreamers.” This motto drives an evolving Festival. Steeped in a rich heritage, the Montreux Jazz Festival is being lovingly polished like a treasured LP. On the A- side: three paying venues with their own specific personalities. On the B-side: a selection of free events, fully remastered for this edition.


The Auditorium Stravinski is a giant of a venue with a peerless reputation. Bearing the patina of countless legendary artists, this auditorium exudes emotion on a massive scale. A veritable anthology factory, this master stage still echoes with the voices of David Bowie, James Brown, B.B. King, Keith Jarrett, Carlos Santana, Etta James, Patti Smith, Massive Attack, Björk, Radiohead, Leonard Cohen, Deep Purple, or Prince. If these walls could talk...

The Montreux Jazz Lab is an entirely new platform, interactive and in your face. A heady mix of audiovisual experiments, with newcomers, artists engaged in comebacks, and even groups making buzz all around the planet smashing into each other like high-energy particles. Edgy concerts and incredible artists: the Lab concocts new crossover formulas to test on a curious audience. Add a little heat, and the chemistry goes wild, as the Lab transforms into a test-tube for electronic music late into the night.

Up close and personal with the artists. Claude Nobs wanted to bring old-school class to the Festival with an authentic listening experience. The brand-new Montreux Jazz Club is the touchstone of the Festival, where music lovers and purists come for an absolutely unique musical experience. Showcasing major talents, songwriters, as well as the next generation of jazz (among others...), the Club provides impeccable service to guests and instruments alike in an intimate, cozy atmosphere. And when an improvised jam starts up, there’s no closing down the Club...

Trains, boats and more, these “home-made” classics of music in motion, both figuratively and literally, transport musical discovery beyond four walls.
Free events are the flipside of the Festival. Free stages, free clubbing, free workshops: the variety is endless! Enjoy the thrill of the crowd surrounded by one of the most spectacular natural backdrops on Earth!