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舒適旅行 - 輕鬆到達。乘坐瑞士聯邦鐵路的列車前往渡假目的地,本身就是旅行中的一個精采重點。現代化的列車、可靠的出發和抵達時間,確保閣下可以快捷舒適地前往瑞士任何一個地方。此外,在列車上和火車站還可享受到爲旅客提供的各種服務。

Swiss Travel System Tickets

Swiss Travel Pass

EUR 146.–每人

It has never been so easy to discover Switzerland! The Swiss Travel Pass is the all-in-one ticket for trains, buses and ships within Switzerland and the key to many bonuses. Enjoy the travel freedom with a single ticket.

Swiss Travel Pass Flex

EUR 165.–每人

Enjoy unlimited travel throughout Switzerland by rail, road and waterway – benefit from maximum freedom and flexibility. The Swiss Travel Pass Flex is the ideal ticket if you prefer to travel whenever and wherever the fancy takes you. It offers all the advantages of the Swiss Travel Pass, as well as a free choice of travel dates and destinations.

Swiss Transfer Ticket

EUR 115.–每人

The Swiss Transfer ticket is the ideal and most cost-effective solution for short stays, skiing holidays and travellers staying at a permanent holiday location. It takes you from the airport or border railway station directly to your destination. And back again.

Swiss Half Fare Card

EUR 98.–每人

Planning a longer stay in Switzerland? Would you like to go on excursions throughout the whole country? The Swiss Half Fare Card entitles you to one month’s half-price travel on Swiss trains, buses, boats and mountain railways.

Swiss Family Card

Coming to Switzerland with the whole family? Take advantage of the Swiss Family Card. It can be requested free of charge with every Swiss Travel System ticket.