The Ticino wine region The home of Merlot.

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The vineyards of Ticino benefit from the nearby Mediterranean climate with many hours of sunshine and high average temperatures, which sets them apart from other winegrowing areas in Switzerland.


Ticino, the only Swiss canton south of the Alps, is characterised by high rainfall and lots of sunshine.


The wine regions and their vineyards

In Ticino, all eight districts are involved in wine cultivation. The mild climate and favourable slopes offer the perfect conditions for unusual wines.

The area dedicated to grapevines has grown by about 20% over the last 20 years.
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The wine region in numbers


Nostrano and Grappa 

Other red wine varieties include Pinot Noir cultivated at an altitude of up to 500m and Bondola, which comes from the Sopraceneri and is a typical Ticino wine known under the name Nostrano. Some grape varieties are chosen to produce eating grapes or make famous Grappa.

  • 200m above sea level The lowest-lying Swiss vineyard is in Ticino, in the Maggia delta near Ascona to be precise.
  • Approx. 91% … of the cultivated area in Ticino is dedicated to red grape varieties and only 9% to white varieties.
  • 1,120 ha ... of vineyards are cultivated in Ticino, representing about 7.6% of Switzerland’s overall cultivated area.
  • There are approx. 100 ... producers in Ticino
  • Around 7.2 million That’s the number of 750ml bottles produced in Ticino every year.
  • No. 5 When comparing Switzerland’s six wine regions by size of their winegrowing areas, Ticino ranks fifth.

Almost 80% of the grapes grown are of the Merlot variety.

Approx. 80% of the vineyard area is Merlot. Also derived from the Merlot grape is the elegant white wine Merlot Bianco, which is becoming ever more popular.

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