Between heaven and formaggini. A hike to the queen of cheese on Monte Generoso.



لطالما شكّلت مونتي جينيروسو رابطاً بين سويسرا وإيطاليا. وتوفّر من موقعها على بعد 1700 متر، إطلالات خلابة على جبال الألب وبحيرة لوغانو وبحيرة فاريزه وبحيرة كومو. كما تتميّز جبال "جينيروسو" (والتي تعني السخية) بالكثير لتقدمه ثقافياً: فقد أنتجت العديد من مزارعها الألبية منتجات إقليمية فريدة لعدة قرون، مثل جبن الفورماجيني وزينكارلين.

Monte Generoso

Monte Generoso, at the southern end of Lake Lugano, reaches a height of 1,700 metres. The Fiore di pietra (stone flower) created by famous Ticino architect Mario Botta stands majestically on a rocky plateau atop the mountain. The Clericetti farm is only a few steps from here.

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Monte Generoso
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For real adventurers and connaisseurs.


On foot or by funicular

Early risers who’d like to have lunch on the Clericetti farm can hike from Mendrisio (328m) or from the halfway funicular station Bellavista (1,221m) up to Monte Generoso (1,700m). If you’d rather take things easy and sleep in, you can take the funicular from Capolago to the top.

Like in olden times

The two-hour circular hike from the summit station passes several Alpine farms. The farmers live in old “rustici” here in summer – drystone houses skilfully built by hand. In olden days, they used “nevere” – cold storage huts – to keep their milk cool for making cheese and butter. Yet another unique feature on Monte Generoso.

  • يمكن زيارة 11 نيفيره  على درب نيفيره 
  • ساعتان طول النزهة جيئة وذهابا من محطة القمة إلى قمة مونتي جينيروسو، آلب ناديغ وآلب جينور.

Welcome to Clericetti Alpine farm.


“… absolutely fantastic.”

Marisa Clericetti runs the highest Alpine farm on Monte Generoso. Her family has been producing various local cheeses here for five generations. Marisa leaves Roncapiano in Muggio Valley every May to work on her Alpine farm with her husband and their animals until the end of the year. “I love being here: the view from Monte Generoso is absolutely fantastic,” she says.

Marisa Clericetti, Alpine hut owner
أصبح بعض الضيوف، الذين يزورون المزرعة منذ سنوات، أصدقاء لنا.
ماريسا كليريتشيتي 

Handwork and decades of experience

Marisa seasons the cheese dough with a little salt and rolls it out with a plate to produce a “büscion”. That’s the name of these traditional cheese cylinders in Ticino. Marisa knows exactly how much dough she needs for a perfect formaggino, as she’s been producing this cream cheese for more than 40 years.

يقول كثير من الناس أنه لا توجد فورميجينو أخرى لهذا المذاق نفسه تماماً مثل كليريتشيتي.
ماريسا كليريتشيتي 

Simple and authentic

Marisa Clericetti serves day trippers and hikers on the little terrace in front of her farm, overlooking Muggio Valley. Her own products and other regional products are on the menu: formaggini, formagella, zincarlin and cured meat. Accompanied by Merlot wine from Mendrisiotto. Every lunch is a feast on Marisa’s farm.

The formaggini from Muggio Valley are well-known throughout Ticino – due to their unique flavour and long history.

Marisa Clericetti produces 100 formaggini every day. Anything that isn’t eaten on her farm or in the restaurant at the summit is sent down in the Monte Generoso funicular in the afternoon to be sold in Capolago. Together with many weary hikers enjoying the enchanting view for one last time on their journey home.

Stone flower by Mario Botta
  • ستحل الذكرى السنوية الـ 130  لقطار مونتي جينيروسو المعلق في 2020.
  • 2017 افتتاح مبنى ستون فلاور للمهندس ماريو بوتا من ميندريسيوتو بجوار محطة القمة.