Not only for health campaigners

Birchermüesli is good for you, as all the health nuts around the world very well know. It was 100 years ago that M.D. Bircher-Benner at Zurichberg invented this "apple diet dish". For his recipe he took oatmeal, condensed milk, hazelnuts, and apples, which he grated whole, with their skin and seeds. Very quickly, the Müesli was (and remains) the cult dish of the ecological movement.

Soak the rolled oats in water for 12 hours. Immediately before serving, mix the soaked rolled oats with the condensed milk and lemon juice. Add the nuts. Grate the apples complete with skin directly into the mixture, stirring occasionally to prevent the apple pulp from turning brown. Sweeten with sugar or honey to taste.



Key Value List
Original Recipe
1 level tbsp
rolled oats
3 tbsp
small apples
1 tbsp
grated hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds
1 tbsp
condensed milk