The Swiss Travel Guide app is your essential travel companion for unforgettable Switzerland journeys by train, bus and boat. Maximise your journey through Switzerland and never miss a highlight!

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2020 special: 2-for-1 offers!

If you're travelling through Switzerland by public transport, you're reaping a twin benefit with the Swiss Travel Guide app: Scroll through a variety of new 2-for-1 coupons. Instantly redeemable on spot – download the app now!



The Swiss Travel Guide app is your personal digital travel companion.

Have you ever felt FOMO („Fear Of Missing Out“) and subscribe to the guiding principle of YOLO? The next time you travel to Switzerland, worry no more: We have developed the perfect app for you! It is the first public transport app for tourists in Switzerland, allowing for a smooth travel experience by train, bus and boat. Thanks to an integrated Swiss map featuring public transport lines, you will gain a better understanding of how to get from point A to point B. Along the way, we have pinpointed hundreds of unmissable highlights such as UNESCO World Heritage sites as well as all the museums that are included in the Swiss Travel Pass.

Train lovers, get onboard!

The best panoramic trains, mountain railways and boat trips in Switzerland are an integral part of the app. As you explore Switzerland, pick among routes from the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland or climb a mountaintop in a cogwheel train.

And with so much to do, easy access to the official Swiss timetable and interactive train station maps come in handy. Thanks to these tools, you will be able to travel Switzerland in the most efficient manner.

Share your statistics on social media.

Your personal cockpit shows your bucket list of highlights, as well as an anonymous statistic about your journey. At any time, share a beautiful train photograph along with your total distance traveled on social media.

Given that Switzerland offers the densest public transport network in the world, you will soon realize the convenience of traveling with a single ticket. The popular Swiss Travel Pass covers all rail and boat lines in Switzerland, as well as many mountain railways.

Unlock all these benefits:

  • Swiss public transportation map with top Swiss highlights, incl. museums, scenic routes, mountain excursions and UNESCO sites.
  • Personal dashboard with a bucket list of "must see" highlights and shareable statistics about the journey.
  • Offline access to emergency contact information plus FAQ's about public transportation in Switzerland.
  • Attractive digital coupons for restaurants, guided tours and top attractions.