With Roger Federer on the Grand Tour of Switzerland. 

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No one upstages the Grand Tour of Switzerland



Just as it is with the Grand Slam in tennis, so it is with the Grand Tour of Switzerland – exceptional. At more than 1,600kms in length, this unique route encompasses all of Switzerland’s most enthralling highlights – deep blue lakes, majestic mountains, vibrant cities and picturesque villages. Roger Federer is our guide for this remarkable road trip, presenting his own personal favourite route sections.

The Grand Tour of Switzerland at a glance

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Airolo, Tremola with panorama
I've enjoyed a few road trips in my time, but I still dream of getting behind the wheel of a classic car with friends or family and heading off on a five-day touring adventure.
Roger Federer

Follow Roger Federer around Switzerland

Switzerland is the perfect place for touring. Roger Federer loves the fact it's so easy to get around and still has many places on his bucket list that he would like to visit. Discover all the highlights in one single road trip and follow in Roger Federer's footsteps along the Grand Tour of Switzerland.

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Roger’s choice

Roger likes to be prepared before going on his road trips. He also likes to know in advance what he's visiting and where he'll be staying. Here are some suggested road trip itineraries – all you have to do is pack your suitcase. 

I have many fond memories of my road trips. When I was younger, we used to drive to my tennis tournaments at the weekends. And we'd listen to the hits from the good old 80s and 90s.
Roger Federer

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