From Zurich to Appenzell in 3 days On the Grand Tour with Roger Federer



This is the most varied stage of all – starting in hip and happening Zurich, you’ll continue on to Zurich’s wine country, the thundering Rhine Falls and St. Gallen with its book and textile heritage, before finishing up in rural Appenzell.

"This route encompasses everything my home country stands for. In Zurich I played my legendary Match for Africa against Rafael Nadal. I used to spend a lot of time in the more rural Eastern Switzerland because of my grandparents, now I like to go hiking there with my family. The Alpstein range is perfect for that."
– Roger Federer

Day 1 Zurich - Winterthur



Stroll through the charming old town, visit the imposing Grossmünster church and wander along the lakeside promenade or banks of the river Limmat.

Seebad Enge, Zurich


Shop in the largest continuous pedestrianised area in Switzerland. Take a look in the Centre for Photography and make a detour to Technorama

Fotmuseum, Winterthur


Signau House and Garden

Day 2 Schaffhausen - Lake Constance



Admire the old townhouses with their richly decorated oriel windows. And the spectacular Rhine Falls, one of the most impressive sets of falls, are a must-see.

Neuhausen, Rhine Falls

Stein am Rhein

This charming town is home to one of the best-preserved medieval monastery complexes, the Benedictine abbey of St. George.

Stein am Rhein, Rhine

Lake Constance

This is the third-largest inland body of water in Europe. Enjoy the views over the lake and stop off in Arbon.

Altnau, Steg


For design-savvy travellers:
Hotel WunderBar, Arbon

For history buffs: 
Schloss Wartegg, Rorschacherberg

For those seeking relaxation: 
Bad Horn Hotel & Spa, Horn

Schloss Wartegg

Day 3 St. Gallen - Appenzell


St. Gallen

Explore the Abbey District with its cathedral and library  – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

St. Gallen, Abbey District


The village is situated in a stunning mountain landscape at the foot of the hiker’s paradise of Säntis.

Urnaesch, Autumn GToS


For the typical Swiss experience: 
Romantik Hotel Säntis, Appenzell

For those seeking relaxation: 
Hotel Heiden, Appenzell

For design-savvy travellers: 
Boutique Bären Hotel, Gonten

Boutique Bären Hotel