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  • A superlative new beach

    Geneva summers are about to get even better. The “Eaux-Vives Beach” sets new standards. The beach with fantastic views of the Jet d’Eau invites you to relax and chill out.
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  • Travel through time in the House of Museums

    The House of Museums in Olten accommodates the Olten Museum of Nature and the Olten Historical Museum, as well as the Archaeological Museum of the Canton of Solothurn. These three museums take visitors on an impressive journey into the past: through the archaeology within the canton of Solothurn, through the history of the city of Olten as well as the canton, and through the natural history and biodiversity at a region level.
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  • The Olympic Museum

    To experience the Olympics at close quarters and feel the Olympic spirit the way the athletes felt it, to study the history of the Games from antiquity to today - thanks to the latest computer technology and audiovisual media, all of this can be accomplished in the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.
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  • International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum

    Emotion, discovery, reflection: the Museum offers you a unique opportunity to enter into the history of humanitarian action. An interactive chronology unfurls 150 years of humanitarian history, while current focus enables you to track Red Cross and Red Crescent operations right around the globe.
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  • Museum of Natural History Basel

    A tour of the Natural History Museum is like an expedition into the remotest corners of our planet where the most beautiful minerals originate, or into the distant past when dinosaurs ruled the earth.
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  • Basel Paper Mill

    Housed in a medieval paper mill, the museum offers a fascinating atmosphere being a combination of museum and production workshops. It is one of the few museums in Europe to maintain and preserve the historic techniques at an authentic venue.
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  • Vaud Museum of Fine Arts (MCBA)

    Opened in 1841, the Vaud Museum of Fine Arts in Lausanne is one of the oldest museums in Switzerland exclusively dedicated to art. The museum presents several temporary exhibitions each year from its collection of 10,000 works.
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  • Swimming Pool Marzili

    This is Bern's most popular outdoor pool. As with all of the city's municipal pools, there is no charge for swimming here. In the separate open-air spaces “Paradiesli” and “Männerbad”, women and men are allowed to sunbathe in the nude.
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  • Guided tours with the night watchman

    Some evenings, one could almost think that time has stood still in the old town of Schaffhausen: And on joining a Schaffhausen night watchman to tour the town, you can listen to some interesting facts as well as peculiar, spooky and amusing incidents from times long gone by.
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  • Zurich Toy Museum

    The Zurich Toy Museum is located in one of the oldest corners of the Old Town. This toy collection with its miniature railways, toy soldiers and dolls provides an insight into how our great-grandparents played.
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  • Aquabasilea

    Experience a day of fun and relaxation you will never forget at the most diverse waterworld paradise in Switzerland. Enjoy the revitalising properties of the natural element of water during a relaxing visit to Aquabasilea.
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  • Sweet Lausanne city tour

    This varied tour of Lausanne takes visitors through a lovely mix of old and modern architecture, trendy areas of the city and picturesque little streets. Having explored the city on the shores of Lake Geneva, the tour ends with a surprise for your taste buds.
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  • Toy Museum

    The exquisite toy museum in the Biedermeierhaus «Zum Engel», only a few minutes walk from Thun Castle, is a doorway into another world – a child’s world from bygone days.
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  • Zentrum Paul Klee

    The Zentrum Paul Klee, which opened in 2005, is dedicated to the person, life and work of Paul Klee (1879–1940). It houses the worldwide largest collection of Klee's works. Paul Klee is regarded as one of the 20th century's most important artists.
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  • Take your pick at the Basel Paper Mill

    As one of the few museums in Europe dedicated to this art form, the paper mill preserves historical techniques at an authentic site. Participants are shown these traditional techniques and given the opportunity to have a go at making paper and printing themselves.
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  • Falconry

    Live an exciting experience in the world of birds of prey, take a close look at the flight of eagles, hawks, owls and vultures in an environment that respects their natural habitat. As the birds circle overhead in the arena, the falconer tells the history of this ancient art.
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  • Localholic Discovery Tour

    Experience Basel with locals. To be abroad, yet feel at home. To be a foreigner, yet amongst friends. Not to be treated as just another tourist but as a welcome guest.
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  • Lugano - Unexpected Classic Tour

    Past and present: this exceptional tour through classical Lugano is packed with surprises for visitors. Historic figures appear along the way, presenting scenes from the past in entertaining ways.
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  • Graubünden Natural History Museum

    The Graubünden Museum of Nature with its extensive exhibits on 4 floors provides a fascinating insight into the flora, fauna and geology of the canton of Graubünden. Modern special exhibitions furnish an indepth insight into contemporary nature-based topics.
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  • The Puppet Kingdom

    A small house in the old Auge quarter of Fribourg houses puppets, theatre and dance masks and ancient and contemporary Chinese and Indian shadow-theatres. This is the Swiss Puppet Museum.
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