A thrilling game of cunning and strategy, the rules of paintball are simple; armed with a paintball launcher, you must invade and conquer the enemy team's territory using only your wits, teamwork and whatever camouflage your can find.

A game of paintball requires a subtle mix of precision and self-control, audacity and daring. Generally played in the ample camouflage of the summer forest, it is every bit as much fun in winter, just after a fresh snowfall. This adrenaline-charged activity requires tactical planning, dexterity and precision, and will teach your team to work as one cohesive unit.
A match usually takes a good two hours of full-throttle fun and adventure (200 paintballs) and may be played with 6 or more people (16 years or older). Reservations required.

General information

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Time required
1-2 hours
Suitable for

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Group Size
6 - 20
Price From
CHF 45

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