Family-friendly hikes

44 Results found

44 Results found
44 Results found
  • Unobstructed views of Eastern Switzerland

    A children’s paradise can be found at the very back of the Goldinger Valley. Children’s eyes will sparkle as they enjoy the playground and take a fun-filled ride ​through lush, green meadows on the summer toboggan run. This is all framed by a wonderful pre-Alpine landscape.
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  • The wide path to the Stockhütte

    This easy hike takes you from the Klewenalp to the Stockhütte. The hiking trail is buggy-friendly and perfect for families with small children, and has various barbecue areas along the route.
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  • Aargauer Weinweg

    A hike through the Tafeljura region. The South-facing slopes are perfect for vineyards, the valley floor extends to the North East and the intersection between the Rivers Aare, Reuss and Limmat. The Romans first recognised what this area has to offer.
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  • Trans Swiss Trail, 6/32

    Val de Ruz is proving ideal hiking country. Striking, the numerous village fountains and massive church towers. Engollon has the only murals in Canton Neuchâtel which date back to before the Reformation. Descent to Neuchâtel, with superb views.
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  • Zürcher Weinland Weg

    Through the wine country of the river Thur to the sunny slopes of Cholfirst. During this varied hike from the village of Andelfingen to the village of Dachsen, morainic hills with unique views and fertile wine land are discovered on foot.
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  • Emmenuferweg, 1/3

    The trail leads along the bank of the Emme, a rivulet, from Littau to its sources behind Sörenberg. The entire trail along the bank of the Emme is easy to hike. Only between Schüpfheim and Flühli are there some steep stretches.
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  • Thurgauer Rebenweg

    This hike with its many views offers a unique view of the Thurtal and the distant Alps throughout its entire length. In this vineyard region, you will hike alongside the well-known Iselisberg to the Kartause Ittingen in Warth, a Carthusian monastery and cultural centre of international importance.
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