Open your eyes and push through! Fill up on adrenaline in the Riviera Valley, the Swiss Eldorado of canyoning.



Thundering water, blue-green river basins and impressive rock formations – the Riviera Valley in Ticino awaits with hidden gorges and untamed nature. But this is not just a place for admiring; it’s also worth making the detour for the adrenaline rush on offer. This is the Eldorado for canyoning enthusiasts, brave souls who experience unique emotions between spectacular rock formations and cool water.

Riviera Valley, Ticino

The Riviera Valley extends from Biasca to Bellinzona. Five spectacular gorges and Switzerland’s canyoning Eldorado await you here. As well as impressive rock formations, created by thundering water, there are also inviting river basins that sparkle in varying shades of blue and green.

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Boggeraschlucht, Canyoning

Through the gorge…

Abseiling, jumping, sliding – canyoning offers plenty of variety. The aim is to traverse a gorge from top to bottom. The participants are secured by ropes and protected with a helmet at all times. A wetsuit and special footwear help protect against the cold and provide support. The Riviera Valley is home to several different gorges. Depending on the level of experience, they are suitable for beginners or offer a slightly greater challenge for experienced canyoneers.

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…and emerge safely again.

Venturing into the gorge is not for the faint-hearted. The participants receive a detailed safety briefing from a guide and try their first jumps and abseiling in an easy part of the gorge. If you stick to the rules and follow an experienced guide, you can enjoy an adrenaline rush in a safe atmosphere. Canyoneers who are afraid of jumping can choose to abseil at any time. It’s worth keeping your eyes open and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

“I’m ok.” The participants communicate with each other using signs.

Alternating emotions.


In the early morning hours, before the first rays of the sun reach the gorge, the canyoning group meets for a safety briefing. Here the gorge is explained, the strategy is outlined, and the right equipment is distributed. A short hike to the top of the gorge warms you up and feeds your sense of initial anticipation.

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Beginners practice handling the rope up top, trying out their first moves and gaining an insight into the adventure still to come. All participants are encouraged to take their time as they descend through the gorge. The mood switches from a cheery atmosphere to nervousness and excitement. But in the end, hardly anyone leaves the gorge without laughing and, above all, without a feeling of pride.

Canyoning lets me leave all my stress behind and I can enjoy being close to nature.
Florian Schauwecker, Canyoning guide
Made it!

Safety first

Like all outdoor sporting activities, canyoning is exposed to nature in all its moods. Storms, floods, or also slipping into the gorge can lead to accidents. Florian Schauwecker has been a canyoning guide for seven years and attaches great importance to the safety of his tours. High-risk and outdoor sports are subject to licensing obligations in Switzerland. This means that guests can seek out canyoning providers who guarantee safety and quality standards according to ISO standards, such as purelements.

Boggeraschlucht, Canyoning

Riviera Valley – not just for canyoneers.


The Riviera Valley’s gorges don’t just offer action and adrenaline. Some of them – such as the Boggera Gorge near Cresciano, for example – can also be explored on foot. You can also take a leisurely stroll alongside the roaring torrent. Again and again, you can peer into the gorge and watch the canyoneers at play. If you choose the easier option, you should definitely take your swimming things with you. The crystal-clear waters of the river basins invite you to cool off, while the warm stones are ideal for sunbathing.

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Boggeraschlucht, Canyoning