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63 Results found

63 Results found
63 Results found
  • Alpine Panorama Route, 4/9

    Wild when the föhn wind blows: the mighty Vierwaldstättersee with its impressive panorama. In contrast, the shallow Sarnersee with its Obwalden «Brother Klaus» landscape. A treat for pedal-pushing fans: the Panoramastrasse, the steep pass to Entlebuch.
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  • North-South Route, 2/8

    From Aarau the way leads to the idyllic Suhrental river valley; with views of the Alps spotted south and Jura chain north. Through rich orchards and fertile fields alongside Lake Sempach, this stage finally takes you to Lucerne.
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  • Rhine Route, 9/10

    Starting in the Bad Zurzach wellness oasis, the stage leads to Koblenz, the historic old town with 4 bridges close to the Klingnau reservoir. The Rheinfelden destination - Switzerland's oldest Zähringer town - follows soon after the picturesque little town of Laufenburg.
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  • Lakes Route

    The Lakes Route takes you on a trip right across picture-postcard Switzerland. From Lac Léman to the Bodensee, passing 10 larger and smaller lakes and offering stunning views over water in the Alps and Alpine foothills.
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  • Rhine Route, 8/10

    The Hochrhein has made its bed between Schwarzwald and the Jura, at times wide and unhurried, at others narrow and wild. Attractive floodplains and historic little villages add cultural enjoyment to this stage.
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  • Rhone Route, 2/8

    The young Rhone, known in the Goms Valley as the «Rotten», flows through an authentic natural and cultivated landscape. Pretty villages with beautiful baroque churches, stone pine forests, insect-rich flower meadows and a tangy resin aroma accompany cyclists through the sunny high valley.
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  • Alpe di Neggia

    It takes a climb of almost 1200m to reach Alpe di Neggia, a hidden gem in Canton Ticino, Switzerland’s Italian-speaking canton. The view from the summit is worth the effort!
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  • A loop with a view

    This escapade starting in Villars-Gryon is made up largely of back roads with moderate traffic. It features a breathtaking vantage point with views of Lake Geneva and the Alps.
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  • Rhine Route, 5/10

    St.Galler Rheintal is an area often cosseted by the warm föhn wind. Much land has been won by the correction of the Alpenrhein waters in Rheintal. This has also created Europe’s largest freshwater delta with a wealth of birdlife.
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  • Aare Route, 7/7

    Always following the Aare, an interesting interplay of gabled houses, irises, cement factory, golden oriels, Synchrotron and duck paradise. Like the waters, we travel through water meadows, gullies, past reservoirs, along the Reuss, Limmat and Rhine.
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  • Rhine Route, 4/10

    The Bündner Herrschaft, Graubunden’s fertile garden and winery lies on a mound of slate detritus. Also the home of Heidi, Peter and Alpöhi (Heidi’s grandfather).
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  • Rhine Route, 3/10

    Surselva - «above the forest» - Graubunden’s largest Romansch-speaking region. The wild gorge of the Vorderrhein is awe-inspiring - Switzerland’s Grand Canyon. Chur, the oldest town north of the Alps boasts the highest density of restaurants.
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  • Rhine Route, 7/10

    The lovely landscape along the long ribbon of the Untersee appealed to Napoleon, the richly-decorated town of Stein am Rhein attracts thousands of visitors every year, as does Europe’s mightiest waterfall, the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen.
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  • Inn-Radweg, 1/3

    Crystal-clear Upper Engadine lakes, crowned by imposing snow-capped summits, elegant beauty and substantial wealth in St. Moritz, the icy, rushing Inn, fresh mountain air and the traditional decorative sgraffiti on Engadine windows.
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  • Rhein und Untersee Tour

    Passing decorated half-timbered houses and sunny vineyards on a route free of inclines and with very little traffic, this is an absolute gem of a cycling path that is as blissful and carefree as a Mozart sonata, but starts off with the spectacular thundering of the Rhine Falls.
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  • North-South Route, 3/8

    The Vierwaldstättersee is one of Switzerland’s largest and most beautiful lakes. Its many arms link the Mittelland and Alps. When the fierce föhn wind blows, the lake reveals its wilder side!
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  • Rhine Route, 10/10

    Cycle where the ancient Romans lived and enjoyed their games: Augusta Raurica with its silver treasure. The agglomeration is already pulsating, the asphalt sweating, commuters groaning; Basel beckons with hustle, bustle and cultural attractions.
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  • Percorso Valle Maggia

    Through fertile, richly-yielding Piano di Magadino, lively Locarno on Lago Maggiore and the gardens of Pedemonte, to the romantic Valle Maggia. The powerful river has split, dug out and polished the light-grey gneiss.
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  • Tour du Lac de Morat

    The tour begins in the medieval Zähringer town of Murten with its historic Old Town of national importance and numerous arcades. The wall encircling the town was built between the 13th and 17th centuries and is one of the best-preserved fortifications in Switzerland.
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  • Tour du Léman, 3/4

    After the Olympic capital of Lausanne, the route leads uphill into the terraced vineyards of Lauvaux. A bracing section but one rewarded by the wonderful surroundings of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Then follows the descent to Vevey, Montreux and the romantic Schloss Chillon.
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  • Family tour Sihlwald

    From Sihlwald, where fox and rabbit come face to face - or can be observed at the wildlife park, to the Zurich business metropolis having wound your way along the many bends in the Sihl.
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  • Herzroute, 12/13

    This 43-kilometer stretch leads from Herisau to Altstätten as you get to see more and more of the attractive Appenzellerland and Alpstein scenery.
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  • Herzroute, 2/13

    The second stage of the popular Romont to Laupen heart route leads over a 63 km stretch through both pre-Alpine hills and the Three Lakes region with the towns of Avenches and Murten.
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  • Mittelland Route, 3/7

    A peaceful ride beside the small Chatzen and Büsisee lakes, on through the Furttal valley of the Limmat, the bathing spot Baden, and on to marvel at the Gothic stained glass windows in Königsfelden and yellow irises of the River Aare floodplain, followed by a leisurely ride on the Aare dam to Aarau.
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  • Rhone Route

    The Rhone Route runs through the magnificent mountain scenery of the Valais on charming, quiet paths along the Rhone. It leads along the famous palm-lined promenades of Lac Léman and the picturesque Lavaux vineyards and ends at cosmopolitan Genève.
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  • Family tour Emmental

    The Emmental is a finely divided system of 170 valleys and hills. Here, you follow the Emme river, accompanied by proud farmhouses with extended hipped roofs, from the Kambly biscuit factory in Trubschachen to the small town of Burgdorf on the threshold to the Emmental valley.
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  • Pfäffikersee Route

    The lake of Pfäffikon is a recreation area for all those who love nature. The lake with its reed belt is of national significance. The highlights of this bike tour are the Roman castle, the Robenhauser moor, and the Juckerhof farm in Seegräben.
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  • Mittelland Route, 6/7

    Lac de Neuchâtel: chirping in the reeds, waves lapping at the gentle shore, the Jura shimmering in the distance. Over 100 species of birds breed in the Grande Cariçaie, the 40-km-long marsh and reed belt along the southern shores of the lake.
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  • L'Areuse–Emme–Sihl, 1/5

    The green fairy (absinth) floats through the Val de Travers, the Areuse pushes spectacularly through a gorge, the view to the lake opens, Neuchâtel: above the thousand-year-old castle, below the lively old town and at the harbour a touch of the Mediterranean.
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  • Percorso Valle Maggia, 1/2

    Through Piano di Magadino, the Ticino’s vegetable garden, then amidst European camping guests on the lovely lakeside promenade to Locarno, a happy mix of the German holiday dream, Ticino business people and Swiss German Italianità.
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  • Mittelland Route

    The pleasant ride along the varied Mittelland Route is mostly on traffic-free paths, along lakes and rivers, through wide plains and peaceful valleys, towns and villages, industry and agricultural land.
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