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91 Results found
91 Results found
  • North-South Route, Stage 8/8

    Picture-postcard beauty of the blue Lago di Lugano, for thousands a fervent holiday dream, Morcote for photos. The Mendrisiotto, the richest vineyard region of Ticino with its enogastronomic offers, is located in the most southern part of Switzerland.
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  • Mittelland Route, Stage 5/7

    From baroque Solothurn along the meandering Aare to Dreiseenland (three lakes country). Just 130 years ago, this landscape was redesigned by man: the lake level lowered and marshes drained. Seeland is now the scene of intense vegetable cultivation.
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  • Rhine Route

    The Rhine Route follows the Alpine river from mountain source to the large Rhine port at Basel. A vastly varied trip through diverse landscapes hewn by the mighty river over the ages.
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  • Töss-Jona-Route, Stage 1/2

    Idyllic Tössegg at the bend in the Rhine, first a rural interlude then initial signs of industrialization, proud machine and locomotive builders in Winterthur and rows of lovingly converted workers’ cottages.
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  • L'Areuse–Emme–Sihl, Stage 5/5

    Over the Lindenberg into Freiamt, sweeping alongside the train to Zug, where towering office blocks contrast with the pleasant old town, winding north with the Sihl, through the lonely Sihlwald forest, an area of wilderness at the gates of the city.
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  • Jurasüdfuss-Route

    Through romantic old towns and vineyards, passing lakeside bathing beaches at the foot of the Jura. The Grandson fortress, Roman mosaics at Orbe, Romanesque monastery at Romainmôtier on the path to the cultural diversity of Genève.
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  • Glatt-Route

    The route follows the meandering River Glatt in the Zurich Unterland, only briefly interrupted by the noise from the airport. Urban activity gives way to the rolling countryside of the Zurich Oberland, then gently on down to Rapperswil.
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  • North-South Route, Stage 7/8

    On the uphill stretch to Monte Ceneri a clear view of the Piano di Magadino vegetable fields and Lago Maggiore. Vedeggio, a quiet little river in a busy valley, where the airfield and nearby Lugano call the shots.
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  • Rhone Route, Stage 6/8

    Lac Léman, a small silver sea surrounded by snowy summits and vineyards, e.g. UNESCO World Heritage Lavaux. Along the shores: Vevey, Montreux, and the metropolis of Lausanne, «Olympia City» and nerve centre of the people of Vaud
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  • Rhine Route, Stage 1/9

    The sparkling source of the Rhine rises in the Oberalp region close to the pass. In Val Tujetsch lies one of the richest and most fascinating sources of mineral deposits in the Alps and also the monastery village of Disentis.
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  • Jurasüdfuss-Route, Stage 3/5

    From Yverdon through the Plaine de l’Orbe. Roman mosaics lie buried on the slopes, the Romanesque Abbey Church sits serenely in Romainmôtier, barely accessible the natural paradise of Marais de la Versoix, before sudden arrival in the metropolis of Genève.
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  • Rhone Route, Stage 7/8

    Above the terraced La Côte vineyards, below on the lake the market towns of Morges, Rolle, Nyon. Open shore becomes rarer, villas and yachts larger, soon cosmopolitan Geneva greets us with boulevards and its 140m-high water fountain «Jet d'eau».
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  • Goldküste–Limmat, Stage 2/2

    The River Limmat winds steadfastly westward, the monastery looks on unperturbed. The Aargau mega shopping mile is only touched at its perimeter. Always following the Limmat, you reach the spa town of Baden.
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  • Inn-Radweg, Stage 2/3

    Solid stone houses tell of harsh winters, the National Park protects unspoilt nature, the picture-book village of Guarda enchants tourists, the mineral springs in Scuol promise cyclists relief for aching muscles.
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  • Rhone Route, Stage 1/8

    The start in the stony Alpine reduit (fortress), over the treeless pastures of the Urserental, perspiring on the climb to the 2430m Furkapass and an indescribable freewheel past the ice caves of the Rhone Glacier.
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  • Rhine Route, Stage 5/9

    The Bodensee: the soul of Europe. The area around the shimmering silver-green «Swabian sea» is an ancient cultural landscape. Despite its lively lakeside scene, Thurgau remains a serene slice of countryside with castles and extensive orchards.
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  • Graubünden Route, Stage 2/7

    Rugged and steep up through the Schinschlucht (gorge) to Tiefencastel, later nice and easy through the Alvaneuer Albulatal, where sulphur springs promise relief. High above, red trains on the curved Landwasser viaduct.
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  • Luzerner Hinterland–Rigi, Stage 3/3

    A perspiring uphill pedal, wonderful views of the Vierwaldstättersee and Rigi mountain. Küssnacht was a harbour town on the old Gotthard route. A winding, lake-panorama stretch leads to mild Gersau with palms and chestnut trees, and on to Brunnen.
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  • Mittelland Route, Stage 4/7

    Aarau, with its enchanting old town, nestled amid the Jura landscape, airy deciduous forest run along the River Aare near Olten and on past Aarwangen castle to Solothurn, Switzerland's most beautiful baroque town.
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  • Rhone Route, Stage 4/8

    The capital Sion shows its historic castles, churches and mansions. The lower Rhonetal is dominated by the high-alpine scenery of the Dents du Midi. A world of fertile fruit orchards and vineyards.
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  • Tour du Léman, Stage 2/4

    The route runs along the lake shore, passing stately buildings and well-kept public beaches. It then leads up through idyllic countryside, across fields and through charming villages, a route with vineyards above and the lake below. Cycling via Nyon and Rolle, you reach Morges.
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  • Lungererseerundfahrt

    Lush green flower meadows, fascinating fauna, an emerald green mountain lake with temperatures as high as 23 degrees and a fantastic view of the mountains – you'll find it all in the village of Lungern.
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  • Glatt-Route, Stage 1/2

    The Glatt and the cycling path wind through the flat Zurich Unterland, unnoticed by the thriving busy residential and industrial settlements, seen only by the unavoidable airborne mass of giant silver-aluminium «birds».
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  • Tour du Léman, Stage 1/4

    The picturesque village of Hermance is followed by the beautiful Geneva countryside. Cologny has spectacular views of Geneva's lake basin with its fountain, which you reach before the crossing over the Petit-lac. The world's smallest metropolis boasts a wealth of delights to discover.
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  • North-South Route, Stage 6/8

    The Leventina has been a transit corridor since ancient times. The further south, the milder the climate. An easy ride along the waters of the Ticino, soon passing chestnut trees and vineyards. Bellinzona, called «La Turita» because of its many castles.
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  • Mittelland Route

    The pleasant ride along the varied Mittelland Route is mostly on traffic-free paths, along lakes and rivers, through wide plains and peaceful valleys, towns and villages, industry and agricultural land.
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  • Prättigauer Route

    From the resort of Klosters through long strung-out Prättigau, on terraces and side valleys, flanked by high mountains, such as the Silvretta and Rätikon. On to Landquart in the Rhine Valley, past the health spa of Bad Ragaz to the traffic hub of Sargans.
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  • L'Areuse–Emme–Sihl, Stage 3/5

    Once again Bern’s picture-postcard panorama with the old town and distant snowy summits, then the usually peaceful Emme in riverside woodland, the staid farming region of Emmental, where Gotthelf read the riot act to farmers and justice was spoken in Trachselwald Castle.
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  • Percorso Valle Maggia, Stage 2/2

    At Ponte Brolla the force of the River Maggia has cleft the rock, gouging out and polishing the gneiss. Life was hard in the Maggia Valley, the Ticino’s longest valley. Solace was provided by the church, as testified by edifices of religion and foreign governors.
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  • Tour du Léman

    On their tour around the lake of Geneva, cyclists will be rewarded for their efforts by the stunningly beautiful landscapes. 200 km of marked trails lead through 5 regions in 2 countries: Geneva, Pays de Gex, the cantons of Vaud and Valais, as well as the Chablais Haut-Savoyard.
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  • Aare Route, Stage 5/7

    «Child» of the Jura waters correction: the Nidau-Büren canal and the Häftli loop. The Witi, dry, where hares and storks gather. Nearby, the sluggish meandering Aare, in the distance, the St. Ursen tower announces the baroque town of Solothurn.
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  • Lakes Route, Stage 8/10

    Pretty and useful, the energy-supplying Sihlsee; split by the lake dam, the Zürichsee with its villa shores; the land drainage project by unconventional engineer H.C. Eschert, the Linth plain with canal, new fields and pastureland.
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