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  • Alp Fursch Bike

    An interesting day trip that takes you amid the magnificent mountainous Alpine landscape at the Flumserberg, and that is topped off with an exciting descent through the beautiful Schils Valley.
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  • Ochsenalp–Tschiertschen

    Great Alpine route set in wonderful countryside. The tour takes you via the panoramic path Prätschli - Ochsenalp to Tschiertschen. From there you continue via Molinis back to Arosa.
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  • Gottardo Bike, 3/3

    A journey of discovery on the western side of the Blenio Valley. Across the wide Nara basin with seemingly endless panoramic views of the Malvaglia Valley. Technically challenging descent through a number of villages, including Selvapiana. Continue via the ruins of Serravalle Castle.
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  • The journey to the Rotstock Hut has all you’d expect from an Alpine trail – not to mention some spectacular panoramic views. The breathtaking backdrop provides the perfect setting to dismount and sit back and enjoy your surroundings.
  • Rinerhorn / Sertig

    The adventurous tour around Rinerhorn to the famous Sertig Valley is known for its smoothly flowing downhill parts and the pleasant uphill sections make this tour enjoyable for anybody.
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  • Alpine Bike, 2/16

    Val Mora is the highlight of the second day on the Alpine Bike route. It leads to Livigno at the end of the day. The solitary high mountain valley looks a lot like the wilderness of Canada and an unparalleled mountain bike spectacle.
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  • Höch Flue

    Although this tour does not go quite as high as its name sug-gests, you will be biking high above Lake Lucerne and at times looking down over a 400m high rockface at the land-scape below.
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  • Pischa

    The Pischa tour at the entrance to the Flüela Valley is one of the most beautiful and popular mountain bike routes in Davos. It consists almost exclusively of single trails, including the ascent, with a bumpy but easily flowing descent.
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  • Biketicket to RIDE (rot)

    In the area between Chur and Lenzerheide there are a lot of cableways with bike transportation. The Biketicket to Ride combines those into a fun enduro tour for anybody.
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  • Arosa Lenzerheide Rundtour

    The Route from Arosa through the Urden Valley to Lenzerheide is demanding and unparalleled. After the ascent via Carmennahütte up to the Hörnlihütte riders are rewarded with a freeride with an elevation drop of over 1,000 metres.
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  • Suvretta Loop

    The Suvretta Loop is one of the best tours in the Upper Engadine. Highlights include a more than five-kilometre downhill ride on a single trail through the Suvretta da Samedan and the subsequent ride through majestic Val Bever.
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  • Alpine Bike, 3/16

    Glamorous St. Moritz is the goal of the third stage of the Alpine Bike route, but instead of Gucci and Prada, it is all about flow and trail.
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  • Graubünden Bike, 7/11

    The Albula Valley is a little known mountain bike highlight in the Grisons. On the route from Bergün to Lenzerheide you experience all the benefits this region has to offer.
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  • Gottardo Bike, 1/3

    The Gotthard is one of the most important mountain passes in Switzerland and this becomes perfectly clear on the first section of the Gottardo Bike route from Andermatt to Airolo.
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  • Alpine Bike, 1/16

    The Alpine Bike route begins with the Costainas Pass, a classic mountain bike route and the cross-over from Scuol to Val Müstair, right on the first stage.
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  • Graubünden Bike, 6/11

    The ride to the Kesch Hut is something like the centrepiece of the Graubünden Bike route. It offers everything in terms of trails, scenery and challenge.
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  • Valle Malvaglia Bike

    This route begins in Dagro, a typical Malvaglia Valley village on a terrace with elusive views of the valley floor and the Riviera mountains. Dagro is easy to reach from Malvaglia with the cable car or via the asphalt road that climbs the length of the valley.
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  • Trans-Altarezia Bike, 3/5

    On the third day of the Trans-Altarezia, the Bocchetta di Forcola, the ultimate part of the route, is coming up – an unparalleled barrage of high mountain trails.
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  • Torrenttrail Bike

    The Torrent Trail from the Rinderhütte in Leukerbad to Jeizinen is one of the ten best single trails in Switzerland. It is one of the routes that any mountain biker enjoys, from expert enduro rider to cautious occasional biker.
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  • Nationalpark Bike-Marathon

    The varied route around the Swiss National Park leads across two Alpine passes and past Europe's highest mountain pine forest. In four one-day stages you experience the unique countryside on the National Park bike marathon route.
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  • o-tour Bike West

    The Grosschlierental valley is known as the heart of the largest moor landscape in Switzerland, but it is also the basis for attractive mountain bike tours. The valley takes centre stage on the o-tour Bike West route.
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  • Trans-Altarezia Bike, 1/5

    Fimber Pass from Ischgl to the Lower Engadine is part of so many transalpine routes. On the Trans-Altarezia route it forms the start of a fantastic mountain bike week.
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  • Trans-Altarezia Bike, 4/5

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the fairest lake of all? Val di Camp, of course - with Lagh da Saoseo, located along the legendary downhill run from Pass da Val Viola to Poschiavo on the fourth day of the Trans-Altarezia route.
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  • Trans-Altarezia Bike

    Die Biketour im Dreiläner-Eck führt über alte Handelsrouten, Kriegswege und Schmugglerpfade durch drei Sprachregionen. Wilde Täler, verwunschene Bergseen und Gebirgspässe in drei Ländern führen von der alpinen Zollfreigemeinde Samnaun bis in das südliche Veltlin.
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  • Bovarina Bike

    From the valley floor to Alpine huts. From Olivone, the path follows ancient historical routes through beautiful larch woods to Capanna Bovarina at 1,870 metres above sea level. The effort of the climb is rewarded by a smooth descent through pastures and woods surrounded by breathtaking views.
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