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  • Franches-Montagnes Tour

    Nowhere is the Jura region more typical than in the Franches Montagnes near Saignelégier. And the mountain bike route of the same name runs right through the middle of the hilly mosaic of forests, green meadows and countless dry stone walls.
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  • Panorama Bike, Stage 13/14

    The Appenzell region is one of the most unspoilt areas in Switzerland and its charm is difficult to match. It is rare to experience this region more thoroughly than on the second stage of the Panorama Bike route between Trogen and Appenzell.
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  • Jura Bike, Stage 4/9

    On the way from St-Ursanne to Saignelégier, it is the Doubs again that defines the Jura Bike route, but only on the first half. Then the Franches Montagnes are taking over and together they reflect all the expectations that many have of the Jura.
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  • Alta Verzasca Bike

    The upper Verzasca Valley is an almost forgotten corner of Switzerland, but the Ticino couldn’t be more authentic than it is here. The mountain bike is a good choice to explore this remote region.
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  • Lugano Bike, Stage 1/4

    City tours are not for mountain bikers – my foot! If the route is properly prepared, it can even be a highlight – as it happened in Lugano with the Lugano Bike route, combining Monte Bar and Monte Tamaro.
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  • Lugano Bike, Stage 4/4

    Hidden somewhat between Monte Tamaro and Monte Lema is the Malcantone region. The unspoilt area is ideal for mountain bikers and forms the basis for the fourth stage of the Lugano Bike route.
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  • Lugano Bike

    One of the most attractive single trails in the Ticino winds its way as a high trail around the Val Colla above Lugano and leads through the hilly forests of Malcantone to the imposing Monte Tamaro. A fantastic tour with spectacular panoramic views.
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  • Valais Panorama Bike, Stage 4/4

    A change of scenery on the way from Leuk to Visp. For once, it is not the famous mountains of the Valais, but the jagged rocky peaks on the border of the Bernese Oberland that are watching over us.
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  • Hoch-Ybrig Bike

    This challenging tour is demanding and rewarding, with tough climbs that pack a punch. But the panorama – including the lakes of Sihl, Zurich and Lucerne, snowy Alpine peaks and the Mythen – makes all the effort worthwhile.
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  • Chasseral–Weissenstein Bike, Stage 2/2

    Typical Jura: pleasant hills, rugged gorges and mountain taverns. The route follows the ridge of the southernmost Jura chain with wonderful views over the Bernese Seeland region as far as the Alps. Thrilling downhill run to baroque Solothurn.
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  • Valais Panorama Bike

    A bike tour from Sion to Visp full of fascinating contrast. From vineyards on mountain slopes to ski regions, from huge tourist centres to tiny, tranquil mountain villages. And in between, picture-book alps, cool mountain streams and superb trails.
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  • Poschiavo–San Romerio

    The church of San Romerio can be clearly seen from Poschiavo. It is located 800 meters above the valley floor on a rocky outcrop and has long been known to mountain bikers as one of the most rewarding destinations in Val Poschiavo.
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  • Panorama Bike, Stage 12/14

    The final stage of the Panorama Bike route is nothing less than spectacular. It runs from Col de Jaman directly to the shores of Lake Geneva in Montreux. In good weather and with a little luck you might even see a bit of “smoke on the water” from high up.
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  • Le Grand Risoud Bike

    If you believe Switzerland is a densely populated country, just take a tour in the border area between Switzerland and France in the Vallée de Joux to change your mind. Generally you are as alone here as you would be in the forests of Canada.
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  • Marbacher Panoramarunde

    Schrattenflue mountain is located high above the upper Entlebuch region, forming the backdrop of the Marbach tour, a mixture of unexpected panoramic views and rustic Swiss mountain paradise.
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  • Jura Bike, Stage 5/9

    The Jura Bike route to La Chaux-de-Fonds is shaped by contrasts. Untouched moors and solitary pastures interspersed by whirring windmills and lively cities.
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  • Jurassic Bike

    More than 150 million years ago Switzerland was located on the sea. Fossilized dinosaur footprints are all that’s left. This is what you see on the Jurassic Bike tour, but the landscape of this scarcely known part of the Jura region is just as impressive.
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  • Panorama Bike, Stage 9/14

    Lake Constance is the most striking feature on the first stage of the Panorama Bike route. It starts in Rorschach right on the shores of the lake and ends in the middle of the picture-perfect Appenzell region.
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  • Valais Panorama Bike, Stage 3/4

    It is all a question of perspective. In this case, the perspective is on the mountains of the Valais and the views from the mountain bike route between Crans-Montana and Leuk could not be better.
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  • Grenchen Bike

    The Jurasüdfuss region is always good for a surprise – even among mountain bikers. A first-class mountain bike tour is hidden in the unassuming forests of Grenchen.
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  • Gantrisch Königsroute

    The lovely Gantrisch area is overshadowed by the fashionable Bernese Oberland, but the foothills of the Alps have much to offer, especially to mountain bikers. The Königsroute – the route of kings –combines the best parts into a fantastic circular tour.
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  • Jura Bike, Stage 6/9

    Water is the recurring element on the Jura Bike section leading to Couvet, first the cool and thunderous Saut du Doubs Falls, then the firewater in the form of Couvet, the legendary Green Fairy.
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  • Chasseral–Weissenstein Bike, Stage 1/2

    From Lake Neuchâtel over the massive Chasseral and onwards to the first Jura chain with its sweeping views of the Mittelland region. In good weather the horizon is crowned by Alpine peaks. Winding descent to Sonceboz in the valley.
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  • Chasseral–Weissenstein Bike

    When long-distance views are good, the Chasseral-Weissenstein route is one of Switzerland’s most impressive. The tour travels along the southernmost chain of the Jura with views over the entire Mittelland as far as the snow-covered Alps.
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  • Panorama Bike

    The Panorama Bike between the Bodensee and Lac Léman leads through Switzerland’s best-known Alpine foothill landscapes. It not only offers continual impressive Alpine panoramas but also countless spectacular views of many lakes.
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  • Pays d'Enhaut Bike

    In 1997, the entire mountain biking world talked about Château-d’Oex, where the world championships were held. The region has been quiet since then, but the beautiful routes for anybody are still there.
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  • Lac de Mayen Bike

    The «Lac de Mayen Bike» is an easily accessible, 11 km loop along forest paths and across meadows. Moreover, it passes next to refreshment stalls offering a welcome break and famous, home-made tarts.
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  • Castagno Bike

    Discover the beauty of the verdant Alto Malcantone in the vicinity of Lugano. The vast chestnut forests are particularly memorable.
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  • Jura Bike, Stage 3/9

    Delémont is like the vibrant capital of the Jura region, but as soon as the city centre is behind you, you find yourself in an expansive hilly region. The Jura Bike route emphasises this most particularly on the way between Delémont and St-Ursanne.
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  • Gämschfax Bike

    Challenging bike tour with magnificent panoramic views! The alpine trail offers deep insights into the spectacular mountain scenery of the Goms region.
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  • Lugano Bike, Stage 2/4

    Monte Bar is one of the great mountain bike classics in the Ticino. The well-known high altitude path is the heart of the second stage of the Lugano Bike route.
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  • Panorama Bike, Stage 11/14

    Many only know the highway rest area or the famous cheese of the Gruyère region, but the area has much more to offer, especially to mountain bikers and most particularly on the Panorama Bike route between Charmey and Les Paccots.
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  • Crans-Montana Bike Marathon

    Crans-Montana is situated on a kind of high plateau far above the Rhone Valley and has a lot of attractive mountain bike routes to offer. These were connected to circle the region in the form of the “Crans-Montana Bike Marathon”.
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