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  • Urserntal-Weg

    The winter hiking trail between Andermatt and Realp runs along the Reuss through the valley. It takes you past Hospental with its distinctive Tower of the Lords and then through the smallest village in Switzerland.
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  • Chemin de Prés-d’Orvin

    This winter walk, which starts in the village of Prés-d’Orvin, will take you onto the Chasseral ridge at a height of 1,288 m where a magnificent panorama over Lake Neuchâtel, the plateau and the Alpine chain awaits you.
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  • Andermatt-Nätschen-Weg

    Wherever the cars drive towards the Oberalp Pass in the summer is also where people go hiking in the winter. This winter hiking trail takes you from Andermatt to the sunny mountain terrace of Nätschen, following the numerous curves. The higher you go, the better your view.
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  • Rundwanderweg Glaubenbielenpass

    In winter, when the panorama road on the Glaubenbielen Pass is closed, you can experience pure nature here. The view of the Rothorn chain and the traces of wild animals in the snow make you forget about everyday life. The landslide area, which is clearly visible on this route, is also very exciting.
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  • Zermatt-Furi-Weg

    A route full of charm, romance and authenticity. This winter hike that leads from Zermatt to Furi through the small village of Zmutt, where time seems to have stood still.
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  • St.-Karl-Ibergeregg-Rundweg

    A winter hike in the idyllic and peaceful mountains of Central Switzerland, far from the bustle of the slopes. Besides the spiritual site of St. Karl, the route offers many other opportunities to draw strength from nature and unwind.
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  • Oberdorf-Gamperfin-Weg

    Fleeing from the hustle and into the quiet, wonderful winter world of Gamperfin: this winter hiking path leads through sparse forests and untouched Alpine meadows with panoramic view to Säntis and the Alvier massif.
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  • Panoramaweg Gadastatt–Zervreila

    This winter walk is the most popular one in the Vals valley, which is no surprise, as the water is reached effortlessly across open, snow-covered moorland. Walkers are accompanied all the way by stunning, Alpine scenery, which culminates in the Zervreilahorn – also known as the Matterhorn of the Grisons.
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  • Schützenried-Rundweg

    Water and a view of the mountains are the main features of this hike, which leads over bridges and along rivers and streams to Lake Sihl – always surrounded by the mountains of the Sihl Valley and Ybrig.
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  • Blauherd-Fluhalp-Weg

    The winter hike from Blauherd to Fluhalp follows a path whose theme is: «How animals survive in winter». The route is also the perfect opportunity for the whole family to soak up the sun.
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  • Landwasserviadukt-Weg

    Pleasant winter hike through snowy forests to a viewing point with a dizzying view of the famous Landwasser Viaduct and down below to the Landwasser River. Take the same route back with firm ground underfoot.
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  • Sassweg

    Located above the winter sports resort of Malbun, the Sassweg is the most popular winter hiking trail in the Principality of Liechtenstein. It leads gently uphill and offers beautiful views of Malbun and the surrounding area.
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  • Panoramaweg Feldis

    This panoramic trail has earned its name. From the Feldis highlands, the view of the majestic Piz Beverin, Tödi and Calanda group is simply divine. The gently undulating route goes past a small lake and a natural ice field and around the Tgom Aulta.
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  • Chemin des Breuleux

    This sunny and relatively flat loop through the snowy pasturelands leads you from the charming village of Les Breuleux to the typical farms and the pastured woodland located right in the midst of nature.
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  • Chemin Villars–Col de la Croix golf club

    In the heart of the Vaud Alps, in a sunny climate, this winter walk between the hills above the village of Villars-sur-Ollon and the Villars Golf Course will take you along the famous Col de la Croix road leading to Les Diablerets.
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  • Gruben-Winterwanderweg

    This continual downhill run from Schönried to Gstaad and varied hike for enthusiastic hikers boasts views of towering mountain peaks, idyllic meadows and the historic heart of the Saanenland.
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  • Rotenboden-Riffelberg-Weg

    A typical winter panoramic view of the Zermatt region, guaranteed. This winter hiking trail starts in Rotenboden, runs along the Riffelhorn mountain and leads to a spectacular view of the sun-kissed Gornergrat mountain.
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  • Conner Waldweg

    If you like to take it easy but don’t want to miss out on a spectacular view and a magical setting, Flims is just the place: the trail winds its way through the enchanted Flimser Grosswald forest, affording a unique view of the Rhine gorge when it reaches Conn.
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  • Muttner-Höhi-Weg

    The winter hike from the native Walser hamlet of Obermutten to Muttner Höhi is two things: peaceful and full of magnificent views. The Muttnerhorn, Piz Beverin, Albula valley and Muttner Höhi, if you make it that far, all give you a stunning view of the Burgenland Domleschg and Heinzenberg.
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  • Chemin Caux–Gresalleys

    Discover Caux, with its delightful Belle-Epoque buildings, beautiful natural surroundings and stunning views, imbued with a romantic ambiance and incomparable charm. This was a favourite place for the empress Sissi to come and do her long walks.
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  • Chemin des Taillères

    Don’t be afraid of the cold, entering the «Swiss Siberia» does not mean you will automatically be transformed into a block of ice, like the water of the Lac des Taillères which you walk around!
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  • Rigi-Klassiker-Winterwanderweg

    This easy high-altitude walk on the queen of mountains features magnificent views out over the Swiss plateau to the Black Forest, the Vosges mountains and the Alps, as well as a breath-taking bird’s-eye view of Lake Lucerne and Lake Zug.
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  • Moränen-Weg

    This is a classic route and very popular for good reason: The views of the 4000-meter peaks of the Valais along the way are without parallel. The path leads from Bettmeralp via Wurzenbord up to Bättmer-Hitta. A walk through the winter wonderland takes you to Fiescheralp.
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  • Chemin du Renardeau

    A lovely walk in the countryside with the delightful surprise of spotting deer in the clearing of the forest. Stop off at the “snow village” at the Tobogganing Park to visit the magical land of igloos.
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  • Senda dal Sömmi

    Alpine winter hike at over 2,000 m a.s.l.: in open countryside, alongside the «Traumpiste» and accompanied by a panoramic view of the Lower Engadine, this route links the Motta Naluns ski area to the Engadine village of Sent.
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  • Winterwanderweg Springenboden

    The Springenboden winter hiking trail leads through snow-covered forests and meadows high above the valley floor of the Diemtigtal Nature Park. After an ascent, impressive views of the rear Diemtigtal and into the Simmental await.
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  • Winterwanderweg Rietbad

    Do you fancy a relaxed winter hike with views of the Säntis Mountain? The idyllic path takes you through open terrain, along the Sunnehalbriet. As it is a short trail, you have enough time to rest on one of the benches, stop at the Loipenkafi café or make a detour to the sulphur spring.
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  • Zugerberg-Weg

    The journey from the town of Zug into the open countryside takes just eight minutes. The Zugerberg circuit through the high moorlands offers much more than just a phenomenal view of the town, Lake Zug, and the surrounding mountain landscape.
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  • Sentiero di Campra

    In Campra, those who love walking on the snow can discover the Nordic side of the sun-drenched Blenio Valley.This easy, level, signposted walking trail follows the river Brenno and is ideal for those who love to release stress in nature and surrounded by alder and spruce forests.
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  • Klewenalp-Stockhütte-Weg

    Sweeping views far from the madding crowd: set among impressive mountain scenery wth a view on the Mythen, this winter trail leads through snow-covered pine forests.
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