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Salt Mobile SA is the third Swiss mobile operator with 1.2 million subscribers, 87 Salt Stores and a 4G coverage of more than 97% of the Swiss population. At up to 300 Mbps and no extra costs, Salt customers can surf on the fastest available internet connection (4G+) – without any speed or volume limitations.

Salt’s mobile network has been rated "very good" by Connect magazine and in a study performed in 2017, its customer service was given the mention “best customer care”. Salt’s attractive products include personal, straightforward and efficient flat rate subscriptions such as Plus Swiss at CHF 59.- per month, Plus Europe at CHF 89.- as well as a Young and Senior product range.

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Unbeatable. Smart Swiss.

With Smart Swiss, the exclusive online offer, you benefit from an all-inclusive subscription in Switzerland with unlimited calls, SMS & MMS and surf on the Salt 4G high speed internet for only 29.95.

Change to Salt now and Salt takes care of transferring your current number. Without any extra cost.

Salt Mobile SA
Rue du Caudray 4
CH-1020 Renens
Tel +41 0(21) 216 10 57
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