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  • Munot Fortress

    Munot has been proudly overlooking the town of Schaffhausen for well over 400 years. The tower contains the quarters of the Munot watchman, who rings the famous Munot bell for five minutes every evening at 9 p.m. – by hand, of course, just like in 1589.
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  • Arenenberg Castle and the Napoleonic Museum

    Perched high above Lake Constance and nestled in large parklands, this elegantly furnished castle was once the residence of the last emperor of France. In what is now the Napoleonic Museum, the original furnishings have been preserved, and the palace gardens have recently been restored.
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  • Winery Salenegg Castle

    Winery and Castle Salenegg are inextricably linked. Since 1968 prized wines are grown, harvested and processed naturally in one of Europe’s oldest wineries.
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  • Hagenwil Moated Castle

    Hagenwil Castle is one of the best preserved moated castles in Switzerland and was first mentioned in the 13th century. For over 200 years, it has been owned by the Angehrn family, who run a restaurant in the castle and produce their own wine.
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  • Sargans Castle

    Sargans Castle, which also houses the Sarganserland Museum, is certainly well worth a visit. There’s plenty to discover about the culture and history of the Sarganserland in the 900-year-old tower of the castle.
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  • Frauenfeld Castle and Thurgau History Museum

    The exhibit of the Thurgau History Museum in Frauenfeld Castle describes the eventful 15th century when the borders of today’s Canton Thurgau were formed. An insightful multimedia walk transports you into the fascinating world of knights, monasteries and provincial governors.
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  • Hohenklingen Castle

    Hohenklingen Castle has been towering above the charming town of Stein am Rhein since the year 1200. The renovated castle attracts visitors interested in history as well as connoisseurs.
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  • Culinary Tour of Schaffhausen

    Schaffhausen is a town that has much to offer. Its mediaeval facades, 171 majestic oriel windows, winding alleyways, street cafes and restaurants combine with enchanting shops to give it a special appeal. This year there is a new way to experience Schaffhausen's old town.
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