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20 Results found
20 Results found
  • Energy spots in the Aletsch Arena

    It should come as no surprise that the unique countryside of the Aletsch Arena is a place of energy and power. Where Mother Nature has created such extraordinary beauty, there must surely be a strong sense of her positive energy.
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  • The hermitage – a mythical place

    Those visiting the Arlesheim hermitage find themselves on the very same tracks as the hermits who visited the hermitage year-in and year-out as a place of refuge for deep meditation. And anyone following the hermits path cannot help but fall into pensive thought as they stroll in the footsteps of the ancient brothers who lived in blissful solitude.
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  • Jaun waterfall

    The waterfall at Jaun held a mystery for many years. Nobody knew where the copious amounts of water came from. Up to 6,000 liters per second gush out of the rock in June – an extraordinary natural spectacle.
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  • Mogno - Mario Botta's Mountain Church

    Seen from outside, the building is elliptical in shape, with a slanting roof and black and white stripes. The interior has a dizzying checkerboard design in the same colors. This is the church that was designed by the well-known architect, Mario Botta - the Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista at Fusio.
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  • Stanserhorn circular trail

    The Stanserhorn offers a fantastic panorama of the Alps and the lakes of the Swiss Plateau. The Stanserhorn circular trail, which begins on the terrace of the upper station, is the best way to enjoy this 360-degree view.
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  • Searching for minerals in the Binn Valley

    The Binn Valley branches off where the vast Obergoms region turns into a narrow gorge leading to Untergoms. This hike takes in traditional Valais mountain villages and features spectacular sections with breathtaking views and the mineral mine.
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  • Abbaye de la Fille-Dieu

    The convent in Romont, canton Fribourg, is a welcoming haven for guests passing through where they can find comfort in the stillness away from hectic everyday life.
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  • Sentier du Creux du Van

    In the Creux du Van across Lake Neuchâtel, nature presents itself as a giant natural amphitheatre. Admittedly, though, the prime seats in the 160 metre high wall seem to have been reserved for the ibex!
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  • Emma Kunz Grotto

    In Würenlos, Aargau, between Zurich and Baden, there is a place of power with surprising high-energy values that have a balancing and harmonizing effect on the mind and body of visitors.
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  • Springs and waterfalls of Simme

    The imposing Iffigfall (Iffig Falls), the magnificent Simmenfälle (Simmen Falls) and the Quellen der Simme (Springs of Simme). Add to that the superb view from the Langermatte. From highlight to highlight, this hike to the origin of the River Simme is really a thrilling experience. From Langermatte, where the legendary Battle of Wyber took place, the 30 minute ascent to Oberlaubhorn is really worth the effort.
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  • Powerful places and amazing hikes

    An exceptional range of powerful places that invite you to stop and replenish personal resources are discovered in the Heidiland holiday region. 15 special hikes point the way to these places of wonder.
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  • Yverdon-Champ-Pittet-Yvonand

    The Pro Natura Center Champ-Pittet is surrounded by valuable sedge meadows, reeds and lake-shore forest. You can stroll in a leisurely fashion on the interesting and varied nature-studies hiking trails, where you can obtain information about the local ecosystems. Most trails and bridges are accessible for wheelchairs and baby carriages. Let us guide and inform you on this fascinating tour!
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