History along the Grand Tour

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73 Results found
73 Results found
  • The Swiss Customs Museum

    Smuggling, drug enforcement, financial crime, migration, precious metal control, species and cultural asset protection – visitors to the Customs Museum gain an insight into the everyday work of border guards and customs officers in Switzerland, from the foundation of the Confederation in 1848 to the present day.
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  • Bern Cathedral

    The Bern Münster Cathedral of St. Vincent is the most impressive late-Gothic building in the city and the largest and most important late medieval church in Switzerland. From this highest church tower in Switzerland you may admire the magnificent view over the city and of the snow-covered mountains of the Bernese Oberland.
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  • Tourism museum for the Jungfrau region

    The regional museum dedicated to tourism presents on three floors the development of travel for pleasure and breaks in the Jungfrau region. Opened in 1980, the museum of tourism in Interlaken is the first and only museum of its kind comprehensively and exclusively dedicated to the history of tourism.
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  • Bernisches Historisches Museum – Einstein Museum

    The "Bernisches Historisches Museum" (The Berne Historical Museum) is one of Switzerland's most important cultural and historical museums and hosts a general historical collection containing approximately 500,000 objects as well as the Einstein Museum.
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  • Grossmünster

    The Grossmünster is an Evangelical Protestant church in the Old Town of Zurich, and is one of Zurich's most famous landmarks. Construction of this Romanesque church was begun in 1100 and it has since been rebuilt and renovated several times.
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  • Church of St. Martin – Sixtina of the Alps

    Martinskirche (St. Martin's Church) is found in the little village of Zillis in Graubuenden. The church is famous for its painted ceiling dating to the 12th century. The ceiling painting, which consists of 153 panels, is the only one in the world that is nearly completely preserved.
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  • Medieval town Gruyères

    A picture-perfect medieval town on a small hill with a castle and three totally different museums: In Gruyères, 800-year-old regional history and culture meet Oscar-winning aliens and Buddhist sculptures.
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  • Magdalena Hermitage

    Directly overlooking the Lake Schiffenen dam you discover a magical place with religious past. The cave open to visitors today, which measures a total 120 meters in length, was carved out in the rock by two hermits around 1700. Here, visitors find themselves walking over fossils and sandstone dunes from prehistoric times.
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  • Jegenstorf Castle – Bern’s Baroque jewel

    In the heart of Switzerland, just a stone’s throw from the capital Bern and set amid a paradisiacal park, lies Baroque Castle Jegenstorf. Inside, the former Bernese patrician country estate boasts all kinds of treasures and gems, with tales to take visitors of all ages on a magical journey back in time.
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  • St. Gallen Abbey District

    In St. Gallen you'll find history at every turn. The city's landmark is the Convent of St. Gall with its Baroque cathedral. The convent, including the library and monastery archives, was added to the Unesco World Heritage List in 1983.
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  • Château de Prangins

    The Château de Prangins was built in the 18th century by Louis Guiguer, a Swiss banker living in Paris, and has hosted illustrious guests from Voltaire to Joseph Bonaparte.Overlooking Lake Geneva, this beautiful listed building is home to the Swiss National Museum.
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  • Benedictine Monastery with Black Madonna

    Pilgrims have been visiting the monastery of Einsiedeln for over 1000 years. The monastery lies in the midst of a breathtaking landscape with a deep blue lake and jagged mountain tops. Today more and more nature lovers and culture-minded visitors are joining the pilgrims.
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  • The world of Sasso San Gottardo

    Older than the Swiss Confederacy – well-fortified, just like Switzerland. In the 20th century, the fortress “Sasso da Pigna” was one of the most secret places in Switzerland. Now the former defensive stronghold has been transformed into the world of “Sasso San Gottardo”.
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  • Swissminiatur

    Swissminiature is Switzerland on a smaller scale. There are 128 models of houses, castles and monuments in the open air, distributed throughout the 14,000 square meter park. The models have been recreated authentically - with great attention to detail - and are surrounded by thousands of plants and flowers.
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  • Open Air Museum Ballenberg

    Since the 1970s old farmhouses, stables, bakehouses or barns are no longer demolished when they are due to be replaced by modern buildings. Instead, the buildings are dismantled stone by stone, and rebuilt in the Ballenberg Open Air Museum.
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  • Bundeshaus

    The Swiss Parliament House is the seat of one of the world’s first modern democracies and is located in the capital, Bern. Although the Bundeshaus is Switzerland’s seat of government, it also offers a range of entertainment and event opportunities for locals and visitors alike.
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  • Forum Swiss History

    The Forum of Swiss History Schwyz, located in the centre of Schwyz, is a modern museum of history and the headquarters of the Swiss National Museum in Central Switzerland. From the outside, the museum looks like a Baroque granary and armoury dating back to 1711, while it houses a modern museum of history inside.
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  • Vine and Wine Museum

    The Château d'Aigle, surrounded by Chablais vineyards, houses the Vine, Wine and Etiquette museums: the ideal place to preserve and exhibit almost 2,000 years of history and heritage!
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  • Museum for Music Automatons

    The ‚sounding museum‘ in Seewen SO is a Swiss federal museum and houses an internationally significant collection of music automatons. The visitors will learn all about the history of automatic music while moving between high-precision mechanics and the magic of nostalgic melodies.
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