Ranveer's Swiss Holiday

Ranveer visiting
Lake Geneva Region


Follow the adventurous trail of ­Ranveer’s holidays in Switzerland.

On his last trip to Switzerland he visited Lake Geneva Region. Scroll down for impressions of his trips including Lucerne, Interlaken, Zurich, St. Moritz and Engelberg.

Ranveer's Swiss Holiday Lake Geneva Region

Lake Geneva Region

Ranveer's Swiss Holiday Zurich

 Zurich might be known as Switzerland’s financial center but really it is fun town as Ranveer discovered. Water sports on Lake Zurich or scoaring a goal at the FIFA Museum, try it for yourself.


Old Town

Don't think of the old town on Zurich as anything old and dowdy. With the highest concentration of clubs in Switzerland, fantastic boutiques and many cultural offerings, this is a must do when in Zurich.

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Ranveer's Swiss Holiday Interlaken

This is the top destination for adventure sport. Paragliding, river rafting, sky diving and canyoning are all available in and around Interlaken. Are you ready for some action?


Ranveer's Swiss Holiday Lucerne


Historic Old Town

Ranveer's first stop and a firm favourite of visitors to Switzerland. The famous chapel bridge in the historic city, the beautiful lake and many mountain excursions are all a must. The medieval Chapel Bridge forms the centerpiece of Lucerne’s townscape where historic houses decorated with frescoes line the picturesque town squares and great shopping waits for you.

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Ranveer's Swiss Holiday Engelberg


Titlis Rotair

The Titlis Rotair, the world's first revolving gondola, rotates its way up towards the snowcovered summit of Titlis. It treats you during the five-minute trip to idyllic panoramic views of steep rock faces, deep crevasses and distant snow-covered mountain peaks.

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Titlis Cliff Walk

3,041 metres above sea-level. 500 metres off the ground. 150 heart-pounding steps. This is what awaits you on the Titlis Cliff Walk, the spectacular suspension bridge high up on the summit. To cross the bridge, you'll need nerves as strong as the steel cables from which it hangs.

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Ranveer's Swiss Holiday St. Moritz

St. Moritz

Badrutt's Palace

The magic of this hotel is indescribable. It's like a spell, far from the daily routine. The history of this luxury hotel in St. Moritz draws guest in again and again into its enchantment. A real vintage classic amongst the best hotels of the world, just like the Rolls belonging to it.

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Muottas Muragl

Muottas Muragl boasts the best view over the Oberengadin lakes. To get there, climb aboard the enchanting vintage Muottas Muragl funicular railway and on the way down why not take the mother of all toboggan runs. 4.2 km, 20 corners and descent of 705m. Hold tight it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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Kulm Hotel

The spa at the Kulm Hotel is out of this world. Just look at the view, if you can prise away your eyes off Ranveer that is. This luxury hotel with its rich traditions and superb views of Lake St. Moritz is situated right in the heart of St. Moritz.

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Ranveer's Swiss Holiday Swiss Travel System


Swiss Travel System

Lake Cruises

The Swiss Travel Pass also includes most lake cruises. Switzerland has more than 1486 lakes from the very small to the largest lake in Western Europe, Lake Geneva. Many of the boats have restaurants so that you can enjoy refreshments while leisurely cruising along.

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