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Lucerne embodies the perfect Switzerland. Designer Franziska Bründler explains what Lucerne has that other places don’t and how this influences her work.


Lucerne, the gateway to central Switzerland, sited on Lake Lucerne, is embedded within an impressive mountainous panorama. Thanks to its attractions, its attractive shopping offer, the beautiful lakeside setting and the nearby excursion mountains of the Rigi, Pilatus and Stanserhorn, the town is a destination for many travel groups and individuals on their journey through central Switzerland.

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Lucerne – Lake Lucerne Region
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Idyllically located on the Reuss, the spacious offices of the Bodoni studio community are bustling with activity in June. Franziska Bründler found her creative home here in mid-2015. Despite the summer temperatures outside, Bründler and her team are already preparing for Christmas. In 2009, she founded – and has since organised – the Lucerne design days “DesignSchenken”. At the start of December each year, 100 brands and designers now present their products at this event.

Franziska has been selling humorous and innovative design pieces with her Fidea Design brand for the past ten years, many of which are designed by young Swiss artists and made in Switzerland. It all started with the Monolux candleholder in 2008 and has since grown into a vast realm of beautiful items: home accessories, gifts and books, but also postcards – something that Franziska started collecting at a very young age.

“I spend time out in nature to relax, which feeds my creativity back in the city.” Franziska Bründler


She has been rooted in Lucerne since early childhood. Her home and family are in Lucerne: “I feel privileged to live in this wonderful and sometimes rather kitsch city.” From Lake Lucerne and the Pilatus mountain to the old town, these world-famous picturesque places are a source of inspiration for her everyday work.

I feel privileged to live in this wonderful and sometimes rather kitsch city.
Franziska Bründler

Despite its international appeal, the city on the shore of Lake Lucerne has lost none of its intimate charm: “In contrast to other big cities, Lucerne is small and beautiful – everyone knows everybody! This allows me, as an entrepreneur, to achieve much more.” This characteristic is reflected in another of Franziska’s passions, too: as a keen host, she has co-authored a book on the topic of hospitality. She is thus upholding a long tradition in this region at the heart of Switzerland, which is seen as the birthplace of Swiss hospitality, with its more than 200-year history of tourism.

“In contrast to other big cities, Lucerne is small and beautiful – everyone knows everybody!” Franziska Bründler


Away from the well-known tourist trails, Lucerne also has many hidden gems that are inspiring and enriching for Franziska. One example is the Bruch district, Lucerne’s trendiest neighbourhood, not far from Franziska’s atelier. Or the café in Kunstmuseum Luzern offering not only delicious treats, but also products by local designers. Located in the world-famous Culture and Congress Centre KKL by the star architect Jean Nouvel, this gem is still very much a secret tip among the locals.

In summer, there is nowhere Franziska would rather be than Lake Lucerne outdoor pool in the heart of the city. From the outside, the building appears to be a somewhat unassuming wooden shack, but those who make their way inside will feel the charm of the wonderful Belle-Epoque public baths.

Bruch district: Lucerne’s trendiest new neighbourhood.


City tour: exploring the Bruch district.

What do braces, cupcakes, wine and records have in common? On a two-hour journey of discovery, explore the lively Bruch district and find out how this part of Lucerne transformed from a quarry to the desirable area it is today. There are a number of very charming local ateliers and beautiful shops to explore.

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