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  • Espace Jean Tinguely & Niki de Saint Phalle

    The Espace Jean Tinguely - Niki de Saint Phalle is a stroke of luck: In the high-ceilinged rooms of the disused tram depot in the heart of town, the rattling work of art by Fribourg-born Jean Tinguely is a great sight to see. Similarly, the lush "Nanas" (female sculptures) by his wife Niki de Saint Phalle delight the eye too.
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  • The Puppet Kingdom

    A small house in the old Auge quarter of Fribourg houses puppets, theatre and dance masks and ancient and contemporary Chinese and Indian shadow-theatres. This is the Swiss Puppet Museum.
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  • The Funicular – a genuine treasure

    The “Funi” (funicular railway), which overhang the Old Town and the river Sarine, is a “technical engineering marvel”, listed as a cultural asset of national importance. This nostalgic railway has been running since 1899 – with no exhaust fumes.
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  • Photo Spot Fribourg

    Fribourg – founded in 1157 by Berthold IV, Duke of Zähringen – is a city of bridges in every respect. The city was built on both sides of the river La Sarine/Saane and there are bridges in all styles and from all eras. Being a bilingual city, it also bridges the cultures of the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland. Fribourg is home to many contemporary witnesses and architectural jewels, such as the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, built in the 13th century, which dominates the centre of the historic Old City.
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  • Artist Michel’s favourite spots

    Michel’s favourite season is spring. He likes the sweet air of spring. Particularly in Fribourg. His favourite spots are Le Belvédère for drinks and the bistros in the old town. His favourite dish is a Swiss classic – fondue.
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  • Art and History Museum

    At the heart of the charming medieval old town of Fribourg - just a few steps from the Espace Jean Tinguely / Niki de Saint-Phalle - the museum of art and history invites you on diverse journeys of discovery. And very few people know that the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire houses the largest collection of sculptures of Switzerland.
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  • Urban Golf Downtown Fribourg

    A 9 or 18 holes golf course which guides you through the fascinating old town of Fribourg. Combine sport and fun and discover the history of one of the most beautiful medieval towns of Switzerland.
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  • Motta Baths

    Typical 19th century baths but with 20th century comforts! The Motta baths, opened in 1923, were the first public baths in Switzerland that were neither a river nor seaside resort.
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