From the city to a glacier and back again. The most convenient way to reach a summit is by public transport.



“Mountain Daytrips” make it even easier for visitors and locals alike to reach the mountains from the urban centres. High up in the Alps, breathe in the mountain air and enjoy the view, then return relaxed and refreshed to the life of the city the same day. These “Mountain Daytrips” are easy to experience by train and can be booked with just a click of a mouse.

A train journey through the Alps

More than 80 daily rail connections enable visitors to travel from neighbouring countries to Switzerland directly. There is hardly a town, village or valley in the small Alpine country that cannot be reached by train, bus, boat or cable car. Switzerland has one of the closest-knit rail networks in all of Europe and probably also the most reliable public transport system.


Enjoy a hip breakfast in a café in the old town, stop off in a mountain hut for lunch and dance to the rhythm of the city in a trendy bar come the evening. Unimaginable anywhere else, but just a routine experience in Switzerland. That’s why Swiss summits can be experienced very easily and conveniently by visitors to Swiss cities.

“Mountain Daytrips”

For example you could start from Bern, reaching the Gornergrat ridge in three hours, where you’ll have a breathtaking view of the Matterhorn and the Gorner Glacier. Alternatively, take a shorter trip to Bern’s local peak of Gurten, which offers views of the UNESCO-listed old town. You can decide for yourself how high you want to go and which peak you want to visit from which city. “Mountain Daytrips” offer something for everyone.

Hotel Schweizerhof Bern

Even if you’re travelling from abroad, Switzerland’s peaks can be reached in almost no time at all. For example, the ICE is a fast and convenient way for German visitors to get to Bern. The Swiss capital has a wide range of accommodation options, from designer boutique hotels to the full five-star experience.

After a hearty breakfast or coffee in a trendy bar, the “Mountain Daytrip” adventure can begin. SBB, the Swiss Federal Railway service, will take you past lush meadows and the steel-blue waters of Lake Thun to Visp.

Departure from Bern: 8:06 a.m. Just a few minutes later, passengers will get their first glimpse of Lake Thun.


Train journeys in Switzerland mean a chance to sit back and enjoy a coffee as you watch the world go by. Train journeys in Switzerland mean a chance to chat and catch up. Most of all, train journeys in Switzerland mean a chance to relax and unwind.

Visp: 9:02 a.m.


When the journey is the reward.

Visp is an intermediate stop, and you should change here to the Matterhorn Gotthard railway. This climbs 1,000 metres through the deepest valley in Switzerland to reach Zermatt and offers a view of spectacular landscapes: Glacier streams, woodlands, tall peaks. The spacious rail cars with their large windows and comfortable seats are the perfect way to travel. 

When you travel by train in Switzerland, you’ll find nature within touching distance. Wind your way through picturesque villages, past mountain chalets and below pretty waterfalls. 

Zermatt: 10:14 a.m.


Climb to the playground of marmots and chamois

Shortly after 10 a.m., passengers arrive in the world-famous car-free resort of Zermatt. The local rail service can be found next to the train station. Things get really steep at this point. The Gornergrat Bahn service takes you from the centre of the village to the ridge at 3,089 metres above sea level in just 33 minutes. Just a few minutes after leaving the station you’ll catch sight of the Matterhorn in all its awe-inspiring grandeur. If you watch closely from your window, you might also spy marmots or chamois in their natural habitat. 

Train trips to the mountains: in Switzerland, the trains will take you to places you’d usually only reach on foot. The trip to the Gornergrat ridge is the perfect example of this. Ride in comfort to the country’s most beautiful peaks as the natural highlights of Switzerland pass by your window.

Gornergrat: 10:57 a.m.


View of 29 peaks above 4,000 metres

Although not long ago we were in downtown Bern, now, at not even 11 a.m., we’ve reached the Gornergrat. What’s more, we’ve chosen an extremely environmentally friendly way of getting here. The viewing platform is just a 15-minute walk away. The 360-degree view is quite spectacular and the Alpine panorama gigantic. The mighty Matterhorn, towering over everything else, seems almost close enough to touch. In addition to this, there are another 28 peaks above 4,000 metres to admire too, as well as the colossal Gorner Glacier. After so much scenery, your stomach might start to rumble. Time for a delicious Valais platter in the panoramic restaurant with views of the Monte Rosa massif. 


2:19 p.m., return to Bern

The summit is by no means the last highlight for the day. On “Mountain Daytrips”, you’ll see all the sights twice – just in reverse order on the way back.

Back in Bern: 5:54 p.m.


An aperitif high above the rooftops

Passengers arrive in the city just as people finish work and are faced with a vast array of choices. Drinks on the rooftop terrace of the Hotel Schweizerhof with a view of the city and the Alps, a visit to the theatre or perhaps a concert? “Mountain Daytrips” link city and summit. Only in Switzerland.