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  • Romont

    Romont, a small picturesque town dating back from the 10th century, is located on the main roads and railway lines connecting Lausanne and Fribourg, between the lakes and the mountains.
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  • Lausanne

    Lausanne, the second-largest city on Lake Geneva, combines a dynamic commercial town with the locality of a holiday resort. The capital of the canton of Vaud is also a lively university and convention town. Sports and culture are given a high profile in the Olympic capital.
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  • Leysin

    Leysin, located on a terrace at an altitude of 1200 metres above sea level above Aigle in the lower Rhone Valley, in addition to affording fantastic views of the Rhone Plain, Mont Blanc, Dents du Midi and Diablerets is an attractive family holiday world.
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  • Avenches

    The little town of Avenches is set on the wide Broye Plain in the canton of Vaud, near its border with Fribourg. The gentle rolling hills between the Lakes of Murten and Neuchâtel, the vineyards and the nature reserves are ideal for walking and cycling. Avenches, formerly Aventicum, the capital of Roman Helvetia, boasts a unique heritage from Roman times.
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  • Monthey

    Set just off the beaten path, the hamlet of Monthey was born in the French Savoie and passed under the domination of several different masters over its first centuries of existence. The city earned its franchise as early as 1352, however, which may have something to do with the inhabitant's good-natured but often-sardonic humor.
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  • Aubonne

    The historic town of Aubonne is already seen from afar, owing to its conspicuous white tower that stands proudly above the vineyards. The Signal de Bougy amusement park and National Arboretum lie at no distance from here.
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  • Vevey

    Vevey is one of the “Pearls of the Swiss Riviera”. Its lakeside location with breathtaking views of the Alpine panorama, its extraordinarily mild climate, the vineyards, numerous excursion destinations in the region and proud paddlewheel steamers on the lake characterise this town by Lake Geneva.
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  • Yverdon-les-Bains

    The town of Yverdon-les-Bains nestling between the Jura, the hills of the Broye and Lake Neuenburg is the most important spa resort in western Switzerland. In summer the town and the area surrounding it are a water sports and natural paradise.
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  • Vallorbe

    In the heart of the Swiss Jura, surrounded by abundant greenery, Vallorbe nestles along the banks of the River Orbe. Near the cliffs of the Mont d'Or and Dent de Vaulion mountains, and only a short 20 minutes from Yverdon-les-Bains, the small town invites you to discover the rich cultural heritage and the spectacular nature.
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  • Nyon

    The spick-and-span little town of Nyon is situated on Lake Geneva, half way between Geneva and Lausanne, amid the vineyards of La Côte. Many excavations and sights from the times of the Celtic Helvetians and the Romans, and from the Middle Ages, bear witness to its eventful history. In summer this is a paradise for lovers of the countryside and water sports.
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  • Vionnaz

    This town counts some 1'670 inhabitants and is spread over 2'099 hectares. It is built on the alluvial cone of the Greffaz River, but also climbs into the surrounding mountains.
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  • Moudon

    The historic little town of Moudon lies in privileged position at the heart of stunning landscapes, halfway between the Jorat-Plateau and Broye-Tal valley. And surely nothing could be more attractive than the picturesque alleyways of this delightful spot.
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  • Villars-sur-Ollon

    Situated at 1300 m, on a sunny south-facing terrace high above the Rhone valley, the holiday resort of Villars-sur-Ollon in the heart of the Vaud Alps enjoys breathtaking views of the Dents-du-Midi and the Mont Blanc massif and as far as Lake Geneva.
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  • St-Gingolph

    This village, a hop and a skip from the Franco-Swiss border and perched on the south bank of Lake Geneva, boasts the longest beach on the lake (8 km).
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  • St-Cergue

    Saint-Cergue is located at 1041 m at the entrance to the Col de la Givrine, to the east of the impressive Jura peak of La Dôle. Its situation, high above Lake Geneva, offers wonderful wide views of the whole alpine chain as far as Mont Blanc. The main attractions of this resort are the peaceful landscape of the Jura and the fresh, scented air of the extensive forests.
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  • Morges

    Morges, the small town on Lake Geneva near Lausanne, in addition to interesting museums and sights mainly offers a lot of excursion destinations in the immediate vicinity. The La Côte vineyards deserve particular notice.
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  • Château-d'Oex

    In both summer and winter, Château-d'Oex and Rougemont present a diverse range of holiday experiences and sporting activities. Wonderful mountainscapes and old decorated chalets are typical for the villages of the Pays-d'Enhaut.
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  • Vouvry

    Friends from near and far, don't hesitate to stop here for a few hours or a few days! Vouvry is a typical Chablaisian village counting approximately 3'000 inhabitants.
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  • Estavayer-le-Lac

    The little medieval town of Estavayer-le-Lac on the south-east bank of Lake Neuchâtel combines one of Europe's most beautiful nature reserves with the joys of a very varied water sports paradise.
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  • Vaud Alps

    Since more than a century visitors delight in the holiday resorts of the Vaud Alps, their traditional infrastructure- and of course huge quantity of leisure proposals for all seasons in the year.
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  • Les Diablerets

    Les Diablerets, an important centre for adventure sports, lies between Lake Geneva and Gstaad at an altitude of 1200 metres. Even in summer, the Glacier 3000 ski region in the heart of the Vaud Alps offers skiing and glacier enjoyment over an expansive area.
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  • Payerne

    It could hardly be more impressive: the monumental former abbey church, dating from the 11th century, that dominates the medieval centre of Payerne.
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  • The Jurassic Park of Vaud

    The Vaudois Jura Park extends from the summit of La Dôle to the medieval monastic town of Romainmôtier. To the north lies the Vallée de Joux at an altitude of 1,000m. Visitor programmes are offered by the park office and local tourism organisations.
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  • Le Bouveret

    This charming Valaisan village is situated at the mouth of the Rhone where it feeds into Lake Geneva. It is known for its beautiful beach and its amusement parks, the Aquaparc and the Swiss Vapeur Parc.
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