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  • Zermatt

    Zermatt lies at the foot of the Matterhorn. The town's touristic development is closely linked to what is most probably the world's most famous mountain. The vacation destination is a car-free zone, has preserved its original character and offers nearly unlimited possibilities as far as excursions are concerned.
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  • Täsch

    The village of Täsch is 1,449 metres above sea level and is home to around 998 people. It is situated 6 km from the world-famous tourist region of Zermatt and its majestic landmark - the Matterhorn. Täsch is effectively the gateway to this huge and amazing mountain range.
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  • Randa

    The village and its many hamlets was founded in 1290, but was first documented in 1305. Together with Täsch it belonged to the municipality of Naters until 1552, at which point it became part of the municipality of Visp. The name Randa probably comes from the word "Rand" meaning border. The extended Baroque church, built in 1717, is a real gem.
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