Monte Generoso has so much to offer: a sweeping view of northern Italy and Ticino, the opportunity to discover traces of prehistoric cultures in the Bear Cave, to sense the vast horizons of interstellar space in the astronomical observatory or learn a great deal on various theme hikes.


The sweeping view from the peak of the 1,704 m high Monte Generoso is unique: one's gaze ranges from the Apennines to the Alps, across valleys, lakes, towns and mountain peaks. The flora on the mountain is also unique, for Ice Age species have survived here that no longer exist elsewhere. The prehistoric cave bear on the other hand, did not survive - however, archeological finds can be marvelled at in the Bear Cave.

A cogwheel train takes visitors in comfort from Capolago up to Monte Generoso, to numerous hiking trails and educational paths. Muggio Valley lies to the south of the mountain. The Parco delle Gole della Breggia, a nature reserve, makes up part of the pristine landscape of the valley.


Monte Generoso and Valle di Muggio
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