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    25. September 2019


Flax turns into linen – just like in the days of Jeremias Gotthelf. The “Brächete Zäziwil” brings traditional craftsmanship back to life.

At the Brächete Zäziwil, the flax is corrugated, roasted, broken, crocheted, spun and woven until it becomes linen. The historical festival attracts thousands of visitors to Zäziwil every year. At the market stalls, crushers in traditional dresses demonstrate the time-consuming and labor-intensive manual work that characterized the local textile production during Gotthelf’s time. Even the historical tools used can be explored at the Brächete.

Other ancient crafts are also brought to life at the annual fair: Making ropes, threshing grain, and manufacturing shingles. In the past, the villagers met to practice their respective crafts, transforming their gatherings into folk festivals. In addition to the traditional crafts, regional specialties can be tasted at the market stalls.

The Brächete takes place on the last Wednesday in September.

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Gemeinde Zäziwil
+41 (0)31 710 33 33
Location Turnhalle
Zelgweg 2
3532 Zäziwil
Event Homepage https://www.zaeziwil.ch/de/verwaltung/dienstleistungen/detail/detail.php?i=86&navid=509090509090
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  • 25 September 2019


25. September 2019

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