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  • Piz Corvatsch and Furtschellas

    Two mountain railways above the beautiful blue lakes of upper Engadine – diverse heights and truly diverse adventure: from the Corvatsch, Alpine views of the Biancograt ridge on the Piz Bernina; on Furtschellas, a hiking paradise with six mountain lakes.High-alpine views across to the Biacograt and a hikers’ paradise with 6 lovely mountain lakes.
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  • Swiss Vapeur Parc – All Aboard!

    On a scale of 1:4, steam locomotives drive through Swiss Vapeur Parc, a 17,000 square meter park with model buildings. The beautiful park, which is located near the shores of Lake Geneva and the mouth of the river Rhône, attracts model railway fans from all over Europe.
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  • Swiss Holiday Park Morschach

    It stands on a sun terrace high above Lake Lucerne, between Brunnen and the Fronalpstock (Stoos). The Swiss Holiday Park with its a wide range of leisure and wellness offerings leaves nothing to be desired.
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  • Grande Dixence Dam

    The Grande Dixence, the world's highest gravity dam, collects melting water from 35 Valaisian glaciers in the region surrounding Zermatt and leading up to Val d’Hérens. The dam is a visitor attraction and also the starting point for mountain hikes.
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  • Ruinaulta - Switzerland's Grand Canyon

    10,000 years ago, 10 billion cubic metres of rock thundered into the valley. Known as the Flims Rockslide, this event created the Ruinaulta, a canyon-like gorge in the Anterior Rhine Valley that can be reached on foot, over water, by train or by bike.
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  • Rhaetian Railways Landwasser Viaduct

    A must for all railway fans – beauty and boldness combined. With its 65m high pillars, tapering towards the top, the viaduct is one of the most elegant bridge constructions in Graubünden. The most frequently photographed feature of the Rhaetian Railways.
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  • Rope Park Gantrisch

    The Gantrisch Nature Park has large woodland areas with high fir trees that just have to be explored – on Switzerland's highest rope park platform, 35 metres in the air. Of course, at this height there are some particularly long and rapid descents to put your skill and courage to the test.
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  • Hallwilersee

    Visitors here can look forward to a romantic landscape, the enchanting Hallwyl moated castle with its impressive exhibition and the Lake Hallwil navigation company, more than 100 years old, which entertains its guests aboard five motor launches.
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  • Aventure Jura Parc

    Two-and-a-half to three hours of fun and guaranteed thrills. The Jura Adventure Park covers four hectares of the forest, featuring seven courses of various levels of difficulty and more than 80 obstacles.
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  • Adventure Park at the Rhine Falls

    A cool rope park with a fantastic view of the Rhine Falls. The Adventure Park is located just above the little castle of Wörth by the big car park. Experience a free fall with a soft landing from a platform more than 12m high, secured by the “Powerfan” - a special safety rope developed in Switzerland.
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  • Adventure Park Davos Färich

    The high wire and bike park is located next to the Flüelapass road, by the “Stilli” bus stop. Experience unfamiliar situations, fun and excitement on five courses, each with eight stations and varying difficulty ratings. The children's course is the perfect way for younger visitors to enjoy themselves.
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  • Bathing fun at the Untersee

    In Arosa, at an altitude of 1,800m, families will discover something usually only found at the seaside – a lovely little sandy beach where the whole family will want to stay. Bathing by the Untersee was originally reserved for men; until 1920, the ladies had to make do with the colder water of the Obersee (upper lake)...
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  • Lido Locarno

    An oasis on the shores of Lake Maggiore for all those who love sport, fun and well-being associated with water. The lido is open all year round, whatever the weather. It includes indoor and outdoor pools, an Olympic-size swimming pool, a thermal pool, a play pool and four water slides.
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  • Piora – Ritom funicular railway

    One of the steepest funicular railways runs from the Leventina to the Ritomsee lake. Built in 1917 by Swiss Federal Railways for the construction of the reservoir and power station, ever since 1921 the little red railway has carried 100 people per hour to the recreation area around the mountain lakes in the Val Piora.
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  • Lucerne Lakeside Beach

    The lakeside beach in Lucerne offers seasonal bathing fun in the heart of Lucerne.Open in summer until 8.00 p.m. for bathing and late into the night for dinner guests. Besides bathing, swimming and sunbathing, visitors can also enjoy massages and yoga.
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  • Water fun at Alpamare

    Alpamare is Europe's largest indoor water park. In addition, Europe's longest water slides are found here - a great deal of fun and action is therefore guaranteed. And Alpamare is also just the right destination for visitors who love peace and quiet, thanks to its modern wellness area.
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  • Watersports on Lake Gruyère

    Lake Gruyère (Lac de la Gruyère) is the longest and second-largest artificial lake in Switzerland, measuring 13.5 kilometres and covering almost ten square kilometres at high water. This is precisely why the lake on the edge of the Fribourg foothills is so popular for all kinds of watersports.
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  • Lago d'Isola and Lagh Doss

    Swamps, pine forests, small lakes formed by old glaciers and the special, diverse moorland wildlife make for a unique atmosphere around San Bernardino in the highest part of the Val Mesolcina. The two lakes of Lago d'Isola and Lagh Doss are popular among water sports enthusiasts and bathers.
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  • Aquaparc Le Bouveret

    A tropical landscape with grottos, waterfalls, wave pools and caves - this is the water park in Le Bouveret, the Valaisian town at the delta of the River Rhône. The park is a place where the whole family can have fun in water 365 days a year.
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  • Signal de Bougy Adventure Park

    This rope park in the trees by the Signal de Bougy offers 15 courses of increasing levels of difficulty. Five courses are also suitable for children over the age of four. There is a restaurant next to the park and a picnic spot under a yurt.
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  • Simmental House Trail

    From Wimmis to the Lenk. The cows of the Simmental Valley are world-famous. Mountain farming brought early riches to the valley. Simmental's farm houses bear witness to this wealth.
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  • Stockhorn – and striking Horn

    It’s not hard to pinpoint the distinctive head of rock at the entrance to the Bernese Oberland – but the fact that you can stand pretty much on top to enjoy views direction Thun, Aare Valley and Bern as far as Jura is known to few.
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  • Derborence

    Two huge landslides in the 18th century led to the formation of the lake in the Lizerne valley, near Ardon in Valais. The eponymous valley is a nature reserve with a pristine beauty that fascinates geologists, botanists and nature lovers alike.
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  • Tectonic Arena Sardona

    Knife-sharp and yellow: The seldom line along the rock face around the Piz Sardona marks the Glarus overthrust - a phenomenon of world interest. Here, older rock strata have edged their way above younger rocks.
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  • The Morterasch Glacier path, on the trail of Sabi

    There are 16 puzzles to be solved along the Morteratsch Glacier to discover Sabi’s great dream and find out all about the retreat of the glacier and its mysterious past life. This is an exciting adventure awaiting families in a true world of ice at Pontresina.
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  • Ebenalp and Wildkirchli

    Already Neanderthal men were here where today a cableway sweeps visitors up and over the rugged rocks of the once populated Ebenalp caves - and a great departure point for various discoveries.
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  • Canoeing and Kayaking on the Doubs

    The Doubs is the green border between Switzerland and France: on the one hand it actually forms the frontier and on the other, it is a magical green river landscape, more natural than any other in Switzerland. Canoe and kayak trips between Goumois and St-Ursanne are romantic and relaxing.
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  • Creux du Van – Natural Spectacle

    "Creux du Van", a natural rock arena of immense proportions, is located at the border of the cantons of Neuenburg and Vaud. Impressive 160 meter high vertical rock faces surround a four kilometer long and over one kilometer wide valley basin.
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  • Gemmi Observation Platform

    A dizzying observation platform has been built on the steep cliff next to the Wildstrubel Restaurant on the Gemmi Pass, the historic link between Leukerbad and Kandersteg. There may be no road, but the pass can be accessed by cable car or via a pleasant hiking trail.
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