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  • Connoisseur Guillaume’s favourite spots

    In warmer weather, Guillaume heads to the harbour in Neuchâtel. The view of the lake and mountains make Neuchâtel unique. A hot chocolate from Wodey Suchard is enough to entice him out of the house even in pouring rain.
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  • Chaumont – above the lake

    The mountain ridge between Lake Neuchâtel and Val de Ruz valley is Neuchâtel’s home mountain, a great vantage point, hotel mountain, story-telling mountain narrating the history of the earth, and great place for Jura hikes.
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  • Make your own watch at the Centre Horloger

    Nowadays, wearing a watch is not only for telling the time: it’s more of a jewellery item. Mechanical watches in particular, which conceal a complex interior life, are true wonders of technology and a feast for the eyes. At the Centre Horloger in Neuchâtel, visitors themselves can lend a hand.
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  • Art and History Museum Neuchâtel

    The sprawling museum of art and history is located just a stone's throw away from the lake. Here much can be learnt in the way of new and exciting aspects concerning the history of Neuchâtel courtesy of changing exhibitions. But the famous collections are also worth a visit - inside a magnificent building erected around 1880.
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