Family cycling holidays

12 Results found

12 Results found
12 Results found
  • Familiy tour Töss

    With its gentle rolling hills and verdant shores, by fine weather, the upper Töss Valley draws sportive pleasure seekers, families and seniors on e-bikes by the dozen. This route often runs on an asphalted country path directly alongside the Töss river or in the shade of the forest.
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  • Family tour Rhone

    From the salt mines to puffing steam locomotives and dangerous pirate ships; over the peaceful Rhone dam, on through the Chablais vegetable gardens and past vineyards and the Le Bouveret fun park as you make your way to the reed-rich Lake Geneva delta.
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  • Family tour Grosses Moos

    The route crosses the Grosse Moos, which since water correction has become one of the most important vegetable growing areas in Switzerland. Great diversity and natural beauty awaits visitors here: Murten with its lake, Kerzers with the Papiliorama and the small town of Aarberg.
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  • Family tour Schwyz

    From the outskirts of the small and lively town of Schwyz, home to the founding documents of the Swiss Confederation, along the lovely Lake Lauerz and on through the wild blocks of stone following the Goldau landslide to the bears and deer of the Goldau nature and wildlife park.
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  • Family tour Aare

    This easy, family-friendly tour along the southern foot of the Jura bids culture in Biel and Solothurn combined with pure nature along the Aare. Fascinating contrasts and a beautiful ride as you get to see baroque churches on the one hand and meandering Aare river, along with hares and storks on the other.
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  • Family tour Lake Constance

    From the St. Gallen harbour and Rorschach cargo area through a lovely landscape with mild climate, versatile water sports and other leisure possibilities, to Romanshorn - with a long ferry connection to Friedrichshafen.
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  • Mittelland Route

    The pleasant ride along the varied Mittelland Route is mostly on traffic-free paths, along lakes and rivers, through wide plains and peaceful valleys, towns and villages, industry and agricultural land.
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  • Family tour Emmental

    The Emmental is a finely divided system of 170 valleys and hills. Here, you follow the Emme river, accompanied by proud farmhouses with extended hipped roofs, from the Kambly biscuit factory in Trubschachen to the small town of Burgdorf on the threshold to the Emmental valley.
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  • Family tour Sihlwald

    From Sihlwald, where fox and rabbit come face to face - or can be observed at the wildlife park, to the Zurich business metropolis having wound your way along the many bends in the Sihl.
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  • Familiy tour Magadino plain

    The Magadino plain to the left and right of the Ticino river is one of the largest vegetable growing areas in Switzerland. And it harbours two tourist pearls at the same time: The historic town of Bellinzona, the capital of the region, and Locarno on Lake Maggiore; boasting a Mediterranean climate and subtropical vegetation.
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