Older than the Swiss Confederacy – well-fortified, just like Switzerland. In the 20th century, the fortress “Sasso da Pigna” was one of the most secret places in Switzerland. Now the former defensive stronghold has been transformed into the world of “Sasso San Gottardo”.

Multimedia exhibitions about mobility and energy address the increasing volume of traffic on the Gotthard Pass. New dimensions and possibilities open up with the world’s longest railway tunnel. The Metro del Sasso takes visitors to the historic part of the fortification which used to be top secret. It was built during World War II and continuously enhanced in the era of the Cold War. It was part of the legendary national redoubt. A trace of history can still be felt to this day, deep inside the mountain. A side tunnel leads to a new observation platform with surprising views of the mountains around the Gotthard.

For millions of years, a rare treasure has grown and flourished on Planggenstock (at 2600 meters, near the Gotthard Pass) - a group of crystals, weighing 1.5 tonnes, covering an area of 3 square meters, the largest single crystal reaching a height of one meter. In 2008, Franz von Arx and his partner Elio Müller discovered the crystals in a crevice, about 60 meters inside the mountain. They are now on exhibit at Sasso San Gottardo. Nothing comparable has been found in the Alps in the past 300 to 400 years. A fascinating film about the amazing crystals of Planggenstock is another highlight of the newly designed exhibition area.

Open from June to October.
In the former Gotthard fortress of Sasso San Gottardo, the artwork entitled “Image machine GOTTHARD – THE REDUIT” is on display and boasts impressive dimensions: it is 7m wide, 4.5m high and weighs almost 1.5 tonnes, as well as incorporating 12 motors and more than 30 lights.

The image machine will be exhibited from 30 June to October 2018.

General information

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June - September
Time required
2 to 4 hours (half day)
Suitable for children with age
0 to 5 years, 6 to 9 years, 10 to 13 years, 14+ years
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Families, Groups
Education, Nature, Relax

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German, English
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10 - 30



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