Watching birds is a fascinating and relaxing pastime. You just need a little time and patience.

This hobby can be pursued alone or with a partner, with the entire family or in a small, escorted group. Depending on the location, the world of birds presents itself in a new light every time you pursue this pastime. Because bird and nature reserves are sensitive biotopes, they demand circumspection, respect and restraint, but they reward you with exciting insights into their complex interconnectedness and networking.

You should, however, have the proper gear and observe a few basic rules.

You will need

  • Binoculars, preferably light-strong ones (e.g. 10 x 50 = Optics x Diameter). Fellow bird watchers will not mind to let you have a look through their binoculars, if necessary.

  • A bird classification book, which contains names, characteristics and information on the seasons or areas preferred by the birds. It will also state plenty of additional facts about the world of birds.

  • Solitude and patience. Birds are sensitive and cautious creatures. Noise such as loud chatter, and gesticulations, will keep them away. They will soon come into view if you sit quietly for a while and wait for them in an unobtrusive manner and if you are more or less out of sight.

  • Sturdy shoes, a windbreaker, and depending on the length of your excursion some provisions and drinking water.

  • Before you leave for another area, take a short look around the place to make sure you left none of your belongings and gear behind.


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