Selected cross-country ski trails

140 Results found

140 Results found
140 Results found
  • Schwedentritt-Loipe

    A baroque abbey, the delightful landscape of Lake Sihl, the Schwyz mountains and the peaceful Schwantenau moor – the Schwedentritt half-marathon trail demands a huge effort from skiers, but also rewards them with magnificent views.
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  • Scuol-Martina-Talloipe

    Following the river Inn along the valley, the cross-country ski trail runs through open countryside, light woodland and charming Engadine villages. It is possible to join or leave the trail in various places; there are also additional optional loops for the more demanding skier.
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  • Pany-Loipe

    The cross-country trail in Pany is never crowded and a well-kept secret. It winds through hilly alpine meadows, idyllic forests and clearings with a beautiful view of the upper Prättigau.
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  • Loipe Kalthof–Wiliberg

    The Kalthof-Wiliberg ski run is seen as an insider tip in the centre of the country. The varied route over the plateau provides a view of the Alps and the Jura mountain chain.
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  • Aeschiried-Loipe

    Cross-country skiing south of Lake Thun in the winter wonderland of the Suldtal valley, a nature reserve at the foot of the Morgenberghorn. Enjoy total tranquillity, broken only by the gurgling waters of the Suldbach stream or the wingbeat of a golden eagle.
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  • St.-Margrethenberg-Loipe

    Experience the untouched nature in Tamina Valley. On the versatile trail with several loops and shortcuts every cross-country skier is finding a suitable challenge.
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  • Unterschächen-Loipe

    Certain to have snow, surrounded by towering three-thousand metre peaks, and leading through picturesque woodland: the Unterschächnen cross-country ski trail is a real insider's tip.
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  • Urserntal-Loipe

    Go gliding through the Ursern Valley with the rushing Reuss always at your side: This circular route through an imposing high-lying valley takes you past the heritage-protected Hospental and the smallest village of Switzerland.
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  • Loipe Lenk–Zweisimmen

    From Lenk to Zweisimmen along the roaring Simme: With the warming sun on the back, the cross-country ski trail in the valley offers a lot of variety and magnificent views of beautiful wooden houses and the surrounding mountains.
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  • Lombachalp-Loipe

    A cross-country skiing experience on a snow-sure trail through the unspoilt landscape of one of Switzerland’s largest moorland areas, surrounded by stunning mountain scenery with the Hohgant and Augstmatthorn peaks.
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  • Diemtigtal-Tiermattiloipe

    The Diemtigtal cross-country skiing trail makes its way through forests, alongside ice-bound mountain streams and over snow-covered meadows. The Tiermatti trail is a part of a 20km, continuous cross-country trail network in the rear Diemtigtal valley.
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  • Talloipe Alt St. Johann

    The longest trail in Toggenburg offers everything a cross-country skier’s heart desires: in the flat valley between Alpstein and the Churfirsten cross-country skiers glide in long swings along Thur.
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  • Davos-Weltcuploipe

    Cross-country skiing on the FIS racing trails in the Flüela Valley, where Dario Cologna and his fellow skiers also compete for World Cup points. Highlight of the racing trail: the famous «Cologna-Stutz» named after Switzerland’s most successful cross-country skier of all time.
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  • Piste Amont

    At the foot of the legendary family resort of Leysin, the cross-country ski trail in the lower part of the village is an ideal chance to exercise, enjoy the sunshine and relax and recharge in a stunning setting surrounded by spectacular mountain peaks.
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  • Loipe Bäretswil–Maiwinkel

    Located in the heart of the Zurich Oberland, the Bäretswil-Maiwinkel cross-country ski trail offers outstanding natural beauty and variety. The region is a popular local recreation area as it is known to have little fog and is easily accessible.
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  • Randenspur-Loipe klassisch

    Unspoiled nature, stretches of forest and impressive views into the distance – all this is the ‘Randenspur’, which leads through the western Randen foothills, popular destination of Schaffhausen’s locals.
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  • Bargis-Loipe

    If there isn’t enough snow down below, the car-free plateau of Bargis offers a worthwhile alternative: a charming cross-country trail at the foot of the Ringelspitz, including a mystical mountain forest and snowy alpine pastures.
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  • Piste de la Grande Borne

    This moderately difficult trail from the Auberson Nordic Centre takes you through forests and pastures, in the heart of the Plateau des Granges and the protected area of the Mouille de La Vraconnaz. Starts and ends at the Hôtel-restaurant de La Grand’Borne.
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  • Madils-Loipe

    Snow-sure cross-country skiing trails with view to the Zacke mountain range of Churfirsten. The trail leads mostly flat over the Madlis plateau.
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  • Piste du Carro

    Winding through the forests and pastures of this popular family resort in the Vaud Alps, this trail starting at Col des Mosses takes you through stunning, varied scenery, with a panoramic vista of the surrounding peaks as the highlight.
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  • FIS-Rennloipe

    At just under five kilometres in length, the FIS–Rennloipe in Ulrichen will have you feeling like a cross-country pro. This trail gives ambitious skiers a true taste of the competitive spirit.
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  • Piste du Cernil

    The people of this region have cross-country skiing in their blood. They are used to extreme cold and in times gone by, children would ski to school. No wonder this valley is still a breeding ground for champions.
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  • Rämsel-Loipe

    Escape the fog in the beautiful Ägerital valley and enjoy the winter landscape of Unterägeri on cross-country tracks with views of Ägerisee lake.
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  • Tannenboden-Fursch-Loipe

    Exploring the pre-Alpine landscape on cross-country skiing trails – this promises the trail over four Alps. At the same time a wonderful panoramic view over Sarganserland can be enjoyed.
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  • Sparenmoos-Loipe

    This varied cross-country ski trail above Zweisimmen takes you through the gently rolling hills on the snow-sure Sichermoos high plateau.
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  • Panoramaloipe Salwideli

    Cross-country skiers on the Salwidelifind panoramic trail find peace and solitude in the Entlebuch biosphere reserve. The trail passes through moorland terrain and offers delightful views of the surrounding mountains, including the Rothorn, the Schrattenfluh, the Tannhorn and the Hohgant.
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  • Piste des Premiers Flocons

    A superb loop in an area that often has very good snow. The piste weaves through the pastured woodland, which is emblematic of Les Breuleux. It is extremely varied, with the perfect alternation between very clear sections and others dotted with pine trees.
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  • Parpan-Capfeders-Loipe

    The approximately twelve kilometers from Parpan to Capfeders promise a lot of sun and a varied terrain in a wide natural landscape. This tour is suitable for well-trained skiers. Up tp the Mittelberg it is also recommended for beginners.
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  • Trachslau-Loipe

    The Trachslau cross-country ski track is a circuit for connoisseurs. A bus runs to the start and finish area from Einsiedeln station. The sunny and mostly flat route leads past farms, the Au convent and the Alp stream.
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  • Isel-Loipe

    Waterfalls, forests and the Welschtobelbach: The Isel-track a bit below Arosa first leads along a lake and then dives through snow covered conifer forests into the wild valley Welschtobel.
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  • Piste de la vallée de La Sagne

    Cross-country skiers in the valley frequently say that, if there is a stiff breeze, you simply need to open your arms to be propelled along to Ponts-de-Martel. Although this image raises a smile, it’s true; the route is far more enjoyable when crossed from East to West.
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  • Piste de Moubra

    From your cross-country skis, discover the same magnificent setting that golfers enjoy in the summer. Practise your favourite sport on the 9-hole Jack Nicklaus course.
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  • Weissenstein-Loipe

    Whether it’s a leisurely stroll or fast-paced cross-country skiing – on Mount Weissenstein above Solothurn, everyone can escape the fog of the Swiss Plateau and enjoy marvellous views.
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