Selected cross-country ski trails

140 Results found

140 Results found
140 Results found
  • Waldhaus-Conn-Loipe

    This gently undulating circular trail winds its way through the mystical Flimser Grosswald forest. The culmination and turning point of the route is at Conn, with its fantastic view over the Rhine gorge.
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  • Rothenthurm-Finnenloipe

    Switzerland's largest upland moor can be found in the high valley of Rothenthurm, a Nordic-looking landscape crossed by the varied Finnenloipe track. This long route amid a protected landscape offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of nature.
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  • Piste de la Tourbière

    Starting from the Col de la Givrine pass leading to the French border, La Tourbière is a cross-country ski trail through the forest. Dogs are allowed on this trail and it’s not unusual to come across other animals or see tracks in the snow.
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  • Loipe Leutwil

    You can also enjoy cross-country skiing in Aargau: in the natural arena of Moos near Leutwil for example. The loop with several challenging uphill and downhill sections first crosses an open landscape before taking you around the edge of the wood.
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  • Maran-Trainingsloipe

    Slightly hilly and sunny track above the golf court of Maran. Enjoy a nice view on the mountain landscape of Arosa and Schanfigg from this open and treeless area.
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  • Nachtloipe

    This is where night transforms into day: from mid-December to mid-March, the trail between Obergesteln and Ulrichen will be illuminated every evening from 5.30pm to 9.30pm. It promises to be a very special experience indeed.
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  • Rheinwald-Medelserloipe

    Panoramic views of the Guggernüll and Einshorn and unique winter landscapes along the young Rhine await you in the Rheinwald if you take the circular trail between the Wakker Prize-winning village of Splügen and the hamlet of Medels.
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  • Panoramaloipe Langenegg–Bensol

    The name is well chosen: On the Panorama Trail above Heiden, cross-country skiers enjoy views over Lake Constance and the Alpstein. Embedded in the curving terrain, the trail offers an exciting up and down through the Appenzell alpine foothills.
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  • Studen-Ybrig-Loipe

    The mostly flat and sunny circuit near the monastery village of Einsiedeln is a pleasure for all cross-country skiers. It adapts to any training and fitness level because it can be shortened in several places, but one thing remains the same: the natural experience including the Schwyz mountains and two lakes.
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  • Val-Müstair-Talloipe

    Cross-country skiing in the home territory of Olympic champion Dario Cologna: the cross-country trail between Valchava and Tschierv winds its way pleasantly uphill through alternating woodlands of pine and larch and alongside the picturesque river Rombach.
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  • Chapf-Loipe

    The Chapf loop is the easier trail in the cross-country ski area of Arventritt. It does not have large ascents, but nevertheless offers a fantastic view.
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  • Bual-Loipe

    This slope is not just a challenge for hobby athletes, but also for the cross-country skiers who are at the start of the Tour de Ski Lenzerheide. It leads mostly through a quiet forest landscape.
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  • Piste Les Mosses–La Lécherette

    With its snow-covered forests and pastures, the Nordic village of Les Mosses is in a spectacular natural setting. Here cross-country skiing is king, with stunning trails and a wide diversity of scenery for you to enjoy.
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  • Langlaufloipe Töditritt

    Enjoy the ultimate in cross-country skiing pleasure on the Töditritt, the biggest trail in Glarus. It runs through the Grosstal valley and Switzerland’s second largest municipality, always affording a view of the Tödi, the highest peak in the Glarus Alps.
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  • Piste de l’Aigue Noire

    An easy cross-country skiing trail at the foot of the majestic Diablerets mountains. A different way to discover the nature and tranquillity of this area, with a wonderful variety of scenery through fields and forest, over a stream and past old chalets.
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  • Piste Villars–Col de la Croix

    This cross-country skiing trail overlooking Villars will take you along the Gryonne river to the top of the Col de la Croix. From this high point, you continue along the Gryon sector via La Place or head down towards Les Frasses via Le Luissalet.
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  • Piste d’Issalet

    This trail is located on the closest peak to Vevey, Les Pléiades, which although not very high offers stunning views of Lake Geneva and the nearby Alps. Alternating flat sections with moderate descents and climbs through beautiful scenery, it will delight cross-country skiing enthusiasts.
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  • Gadmen-Loipe

    A winter wonderland to avoid the crowds: On the way to the Susten Pass, the mountain village of Gadmen tempts visitors with its guaranteed snow cover and a quiet cross-country skiing trail that’s never short of sunshine. It follows the clear Gadmen river and offers panoramic views of Mount Titlis and Fünffingerstöck mountain.
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  • Piste l’NRGique

    Cross-country skiing routes in a variety of landscapes, from forest to peat bog and pasture. Just like being in Lapland or the pastures of the Jura, with the added bonus of the magnificent views over the Pre-Alps.
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  • Gstaad-Gsteig-Loipe

    After leaving the Gstaad ski area for historic Gsteig, this cross-country trail takes you into the valley with the rushing Saane beside you. Its sunny and quiet location with its gentle gradients makes this route especially suitable for enthusiastic skiers.
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  • Grund-Gletscherschlucht-Loipe

    The Eiger mountain behind you and the Wetterhorn ahead: Scenery like this automatically ensures you have enough sporting motivation. The famous north face appears in particularly impressive fashion after a loop by the Glacier Gorge (Gletscherschlucht).
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  • Piste du Mont-Soleil

    Starting from the Mont-Croisin pass, this route takes you through the wind turbines and solar panels to the top station of the Saint-Imier–Mont Soleil funicular railway which draws its power supply from solar energy generated on the spot.
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  • Brambrüesch-Loipe

    Small but nice – a fitting description of the cross-country ski trail on Chur’s home mountain, the Brambrüesch. The short loop trail over the plateau offers a cross-country skiing experience with a view of the Grisons mountain range.
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  • Lauterbrunnen-Loipe

    Cross-country skiing in the valley with 72 waterfalls, surrounded by a panoramic mountain view with several peaks over three or four thousand metres high. The trail runs along the White Lütschine from Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg, past the Trümmelbach Falls, the biggest underground waterfalls in Europe.
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  • Degersheim-Loipe

    Away from the huge winter destinations Degersheim offers a long and scenically attractive cross-country skiing trail. This also includes a unique view far beyond Lake Constance and the country boundaries.
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  • Menzingen-Loipe

    With ideal winter and cross-country skiing conditions, the Menzingen-Loipe trail, also known as the Schurtannenloipe, has become a real insider tip for cross-country skiers. The beautifully designed cross-country trail leads through stunning countryside with views of Menzingen and its monastery.
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  • Scherb/Bendel-Loipe

    An educational pleasure: the panoramic trail on Scherb/Bendel between Hemberg and Ebnat-Kappel leads past various viewpoints. Eight theme charts describe the panorama and make the hillier trails to a special experience.
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  • La-Nars-Loipe

    Along the Julia/Gelgia river on the edge of Savognin village: this short circuit over the La Nars plain is a good way to warm up or try cross-country skiing for the first time.
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  • Loipe Herlisberg-Retschwil

    The Herlisberg–Retschwil cross-country skiing trail is something of an insider’s secret in Lucerne’s Seetal region. It passes through a nature conservation area and offers breathtaking views of the Central Swiss Alps and two lakes.
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  • Rheinwald-Talloipe

    From Splügen to Nufenen, along the young Rhine and in the shadow of the Einshorn: discover the imposing mountain backdrops of the Rheinwald on this cross-country trail along the valley floor.
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  • Waldegg-Bodenalp-Loipe

    Cross-country skiing on the Bernese Oberland’s natural sun terrace. Fresh mountain air at 1300 metres, mostly above the fog line and with views of the famous Bernese peak trio make this a highly therapeutic activity. Enjoy a winter wonderland around the mountain village of Beatenberg.
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  • Piste de Prés-d’Orvin

    This magnificent trail high on the Chasseral offers a variety of landscapes all typical of the Bernese Jura, as well as a glorious panorama of Lake Neuchâtel and the Alps.
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  • Gantrisch-Königsloipe

    The name is no accident: no cross-country ski run shows off the beauty of the Gantrisch region as impressively as the Königsloipe (meaning “king’s cross-country ski trail”). The peaks and ridges of the Gantrisch Range are constant companions on the first half of the trail, with the majority of the return portion running through forest.
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  • Piste Mauborget–Les Rochats

    This trail from Mauborget to the old parade ground in Les Rochats is a great way to recharge your batteries as you ski across snow-covered pastures reminiscent of the Great North. In this completely unspoilt natural setting, it’s not unusual to come across deer along the way.
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  • Piste de Champey

    A circular route for a quiet and peaceful walk through the countryside above the village of Le Crêt, with a magnificent view over the Alps and Pre-Alps.
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  • Piste du Mont-Crosin

    This route, which starts from the Mont-Crosin pass, follows the ridge towards la Bise de Cortébert where you will take the same path but in the opposite direction. The view over the Chasseral massif and the closeness of the wind turbines make the detour worthwhile.
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