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  • Piste de Cergnement

    The Cergnement cross-country skiing trail is situated in an unspoilt valley at the foot of the Argentine mountain, in a delightful idyllic setting. Far from the stresses of urban life, it’s just a few minutes away from the village of La Barboleuse.
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  • Panoramaloipe Wald

    The Wald panoramic cross-country ski trail fully justifies its name: The classic trail on the Bachtel, Zurich Oberland’s local mountain, offers a spectacular panoramic view. In good weather you can spot the Churfirsten peaks, the Rigi and enjoy the view over the Lake Zurich.
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  • Rote Loipe Kandersteg

    The circular tour with its nordic charme winds through a wonderul forest area near the tunnel portal of the Lötschberg railway line. Slight uphills and winding tracks create a interesting training track and an especially charming tour.
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  • Studen-Ochsenboden-Loipe

    This circular track in the Einsiedeln region demands stamina and technique and is a delight for seasoned cross-country skiers. Those following a tough training regime can use the extra loop to get their heart pumping.
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  • Gulispur Urnerboden

    A legendary trail on Switzerland's largest alp: the Urnerboden cross-country ski trail, a.k.a. «Gulispur», is sure to have snow due to its shadowed location at 1,400 metres. The trail gets its nickname from a fat Glarus rooster.
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  • Rottenloipe

    The flat terrain of the Rottenloipe runs from Oberwald through to Niederwald, passing through the picturesque high valley of Obergoms and along the young Rhône. The trail is lined with thick protection forests and snowy white peaks.
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  • Loipe Elm

    The Elm cross-country trail is surrounded by the Tectonic Arena Sardona UNESCO World Heritage Site and runs through the beautiful Wakker Prize-winning mountain village.
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  • Rundloipe Sedrun

    There is often hoar frost on the snow and the bushes beside the Rhine – so this trail offers you a very special experience of Nature as well as lots of sporting fun. Some striking buildings along the way are Putnengia castle and the Vorderrhein hydroelectric power station.
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  • Piste du Golf

    Wonderful itinerary on the Severiano Ballesteros Course, a legendary 18-hole course which hosts the renowned Omega European Masters every year. This tough and varied 6km route offers exceptional surroundings and a stunning view of the Valais Alps.
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  • Sursetter-Loipe

    This long and challenging trail by the meandering Julia/Gelgia river promises an unforgettable descent in the pine forest of «Val Verda».
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  • Bolgen-Loipe

    The largely flat trail on the elongated valley plain between the Bolgen and Davos Frauenkirch is ideal for connoisseurs and anyone looking for their first taste of cross-country skiing.
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  • Alp-Garfiun-Loipe

    “In Klosters, the cross-country trail to Garfiun is indescribably beautiful,” gushes local elite skier Seraina Boner. The section from romantic Monbiel to the Alp Garfiun and back is not just a well-kept secret amongst locals.
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  • Höhenloipe Haslerberg

    The snow-sure secret trip even in the spring: The cross-country ski trail on Hasler Hochmoor lures with an impressive landscape – from the Gryden to the stretch to Albristhorn and Spillgerte.
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  • Sonnenloipe - cross-country ski track

    Valais and its district of Goms are amongst the sunniest places in Switzerland. Cross-country skiers on the right bank of the Rhône enjoy generous quantities of sunshine, which is why the trail from Obergesteln to Münster is called the Sonnenloipe.
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  • Pista Pian Doss

    At first sight it appears to be an inconspicuous patch of land in the Grisons, on the alternate route to the Gotthard Pass Tunnel. Upon closer look, cross-country skiers will find an ideal terrain in an attractive alpine landscape. The challenging cross-country ski trail leads to an alpine pasture and the idyllic high moor lake of Lago Dosso.
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  • Piste La Grande Boucle

    The "Grande Boucle" is an exceptional cross-country skiing loop for those who want to tour the Franches-Montagnes. The gentle downhill gradient runs for 42km, the same distance as a marathon. This route criss-crosses the region and its unspoiled landscapes.
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  • Loipe Bärenwil

    It doesn't always have to be the Alps: Langenbruck-Bärenwil is a winter sports region that has retained its family atmosphere and manageable size. Alongside ski lifts, there are also cross-country ski trails. Bärenwil cross-country ski trail lies on an idyllic plateau.
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  • Loipe Gisliflueh–Staffelegg

    Varied circular route under the crest of the Gisliflue in the Jura mountains of Aargau. Partly through the wood, and partly along the wood's edge, the route provides magnificent views over the Jura mountains close by to the entire Alpine range.
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  • La-Pala-Rennloipe

    The racing slope La Pala is a true touchstone for skiers who are both physically and technically experienced. In addition to a sport challenge, skiers will also experience a dreamlike landscape on the four kilometers.
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  • Piste La Givrine–Marchairuz

    This trail takes you through the Parc Jura Vaudois, past dry-stone walls and Jura chalets, across marshes and mystical forests to the Ferme des Pralets where spectacular views of Lake Geneva await you, with La Dôle behind you. The route continues up to the Col du Marchairuz.
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  • Gitschenen-Loipe

    Situated above the mountain village of Isenthal, the small, family-friendly ski region of Gitschenen offers one cross-country ski trail – surrounded by striking peaks like the Uri-Rotstock, the Älpler, the Maisander and the Brisen.
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  • Piste des Mille Sapins

    Similar to a slalom course through a pine tree labyrinth, the Mille Sapins piste is good fun and very challenging at the same time. A rugged site in an exceptional pastured woodland, it is undoubtedly the most beautiful site in the whole Franches-Montagnes district.
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  • Schüpfer-Loipe

    The Schüpfer cross-country skiing trail is a village-based trail situated in the middle of the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch and offering views of the snowy Farneren.
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  • Gerschni Loipe

    With the Titlis behind you and the Hahnen in front, you glide softly through the Gerschniwald forest. The Gerschnialp Cross-Country trail is great for ambitious skiers as well as for those who prefer a gentler pace.
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  • Eigenthal-Loipe

    The Eigenthal valley lies at the northern foot of the Pilatus, not quite 15 kilometres south-west of Lucerne. Its popularity in winter is due to two factors: it is generally fog-free, and it boasts cross-country skiing trails.
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  • Engelberger Talloipe

    Cross-country skiing with a view: It’s not only the effort of completing this course that will take your breath away – so will the fantastic views of our magnificent mountain landscape.
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  • Melchsee-Loipe

    Perfect for cross-country beginners: anyone who prefers a simple run without climbs or descents will definitely like the circuit next to the frozen Melchsee.
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  • Lauenen-Loipe

    Easy, flat, sunny. Mostly surrounded by unspoilt nature and with some great views too. If this is what you are looking for, then this trail in Lauenen is just right for you.
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  • Thurtalerstofel-Loipe

    The cross-country skiing trail at Alp Sellamatt offers a lot of sun and a mystical natural landscape in the lap of the Churfirsten. The view goes far down into the lowland, which lies in winter often under a fog cover.
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  • Randenspur-Loipe klassisch

    Unspoiled nature, stretches of forest and impressive views into the distance – all this is the ‘Randenspur’, which leads through the western Randen foothills, popular destination of Schaffhausen’s locals.
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  • Loipe Bäretswil–Maiwinkel

    Located in the heart of the Zurich Oberland, the Bäretswil-Maiwinkel cross-country ski trail offers outstanding natural beauty and variety. The region is a popular local recreation area as it is known to have little fog and is easily accessible.
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  • Piste Amont

    At the foot of the legendary family resort of Leysin, the cross-country ski trail in the lower part of the village is an ideal chance to exercise, enjoy the sunshine and relax and recharge in a stunning setting surrounded by spectacular mountain peaks.
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  • Talloipe Alt St. Johann

    The longest trail in Toggenburg offers everything a cross-country skier’s heart desires: in the flat valley between Alpstein and the Churfirsten cross-country skiers glide in long swings along Thur.
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  • Davos-Weltcuploipe

    Cross-country skiing on the FIS racing trails in the Flüela Valley, where Dario Cologna and his fellow skiers also compete for World Cup points. Highlight of the racing trail: the famous «Cologna-Stutz» named after Switzerland’s most successful cross-country skier of all time.
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  • Diemtigtal-Tiermattiloipe

    The Diemtigtal cross-country skiing trail makes its way through forests, alongside ice-bound mountain streams and over snow-covered meadows. The Tiermatti trail is a part of a 20km, continuous cross-country trail network in the rear Diemtigtal valley.
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