Mobility International Switzerland (MIS) Travellers in a wheelchair or with impaired mobility may find the web site of Mobility International Switzerland (MIS) to be of interest. The main job of this unit for special travel needs is to collect information on barrier-free travel worldwide and make it available to all those who may be interested.

MIS is the Switzerland-wide coordinator and contact organization for various tourism projects and is committed to “Tourism for All”, including through the provision and updating of information at “Guests with Special Needs” on this Switzerland Tourism platform.

Mobility International Switzerland (MIS)
Rötzmattweg 51
CH-4600 Olten
Tel. +41 62 212 67 40


Founded by CBF in Germany in 1986, introduced in Switzerland by ASKIO (now Agile) in 1996 and since 2000 organized and maintained by Pro Infirmis, Eurokey is a means of protecting amenities such as public toilets, stair lifts, barriers and telephones for summoning assistance against vandalism, contamination and misappropriation. Only those persons who are in possession of a Eurokey have access to the said amenities. And only those persons who can prove, through a personal interview or the submission of the relevant documents, that they are disabled and hence in need of special amenities (because they are wheelchair users or physically challenged in some other way, incl. the blind) are entitled to a Eurokey. The Eurokey can be obtained from Pro Infirmis Schweiz.

Special Equipment

If you require special equipment which you prefer not to bring with you or would like to rent a wheelchair-towing tractor or electric wheelchair in order to go hiking, then the addressdatabase (sorry only in German or French) > Services & Dienstleistungen > Rollstuhl- und Handbikeverleih will provide you with the information you need.