Hike through the typical countryside of the Gruyère Pays-d’Enhaut Regional Nature Park over 11 days: over Alpine meadows and peaks, through villages and forests.


This mountain hike was marked with new signposts in 2018, and the 11 stages of the route pass through the Gruyère Pays d’Enhaut Regional Nature Park. This region is the birthplace of Gruyère and Étivaz and offers unique experiences in nature and an insight into the fascinating world of Alpine herdsmen. In addition, it boasts breathtaking panoramic views over the valleys and lakes, Alps, Swiss Plateau and Jura.
The entire tour is 157 kilometres long and divided into the 11 daily stages listed below.
The hike is suitable for experienced hikers (sure-footed and with a good head for heights). You can spend the night in mountain huts, guest rooms or hotels along the route.

1st stage: Charmey – Brecca, 16km, 5hrs 40min
2nd stage: Brecca – Soldatenhaus, 15km, 5hrs 40min
Third stage: Soldatenhaus – Les Marrindes, 12km, 4hrs 25min
4th stage: Les Marindes – Château-d’OEx, 13km, 3hrs 40min
5th stage: Château-d’OEx – L’Etivaz, 13km, 5hrs 30min
6th stage: L’Etivaz – Col des Mosses, 14km, 5hrs
7th stage: Col des Mosses – Rossinière, 16km, 4hrs 45min
8th stage: Rossinière – Allières, 13km, 4hrs 25min
9th stage: Allières – Montbovon, 18km, 6hrs
10th stage: Montbovon – Bounavau, 13km, 4hrs 40min
11th stage: Bounavau – Charmey, 16km, 6hrs

More information about the stages

An enjoyable tour includes the careful planning of the same. Please inform yourself in advance at the local information center about the route and weather conditions. Depending on the season and weather conditions, this route may be blocked or interrupted

Technical information

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Start Location
One way
Multiday route
11 days
Technical requirements
Physical requirements
June - October
With panoramic views


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