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253 Results found
253 Results found
  • Raron

    Raron: Rilke's village. St. German: wine producing village. Niedergesteln: farming village. Come here to experience the great outdoors, history, art and culture.
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  • ヴィールドハウス

    Nestled between the mighty Säntis massif and the seven Churfirsten peaks, the resorts of Alt St. Johann, Unterwasser and Wildhaus are among the highest-lying municipalities in Toggenburg. Eastern Switzerland's largest winter sports area is just one hour from the airport and Zurich.
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  • Avenches

    言語:フランス語/カントン:ヴォー(VD)/標高:480 m モラ湖の南方に位置するのどかな田園地帯にあるのは、ケルトの時代からの歴史を誇り、ローマ時代に重要な都市が築かれた町。劇場跡や城壁、塔など各所に点在する重要な遺跡の数々から往時の栄華が偲ばれます。中でも円形闘技場はかなり完全な形で残っており、夏にはオペラフェスティバルなどが開催され人気を博しています。闘技場横には、この地で発掘された貴重な品々が展示されているローマ博物館もあります。
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  • ザムナウン(サムナウン)

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  • Bürchen

    The Valais mountain villages of Unterbäch, Bürchen and Eischoll are situated on a sun-drenched terrace high above the Rhone Valley. These small family resorts in the region of Augsbord are a walker’s paradise from spring to autumn, and a favourite family winter sports’ region in winter.
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  • チェレリーナ

    The neighboring village of St. Moritz is by no means in its shadow: Celerina delights visitors with its charm, a variety of offerings and plenty of sunshine. San Gian, a church dating back to the 14th century, is perched just outside Celerina. It is the symbol of the village.
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  • Brugg AG

    The pretty little town of Brugg and the commune of Windisch are located in the heart of the canton of Aargau, 30 km from Zurich at the confluence of three rivers: the Reuss, Limmat and Aare.
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  • バーゼル

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  • ヴィンタートゥール

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  • Mund

    言語:ドイツ語/カントン:ヴァレー(VS)/標高:1188m アルプスの名峰をのぞむローヌ谷の上にある小さな山村。険しい斜面に紫の花を咲かせるサフランの里として知られています。「スイスアルプス・ユングフラウ・アレッチ」として世界自然遺産に認定されている地域でもあります。
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  • メンドリージオ

    The charming town is situated on the gentle slopes of Monte Generoso. Historic as well as cultural values define this town in the southernmost part of Ticino. The picturesque parts of town exemplify the air of the Italian lifestyle and beckon to you to stay awhile.
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  • Willisau

    言語:ドイツ語/カントン:ルツェルン(LU)/標高:557m ルツェルンの北にあり、中世からの街並が残るかわいい街。14世紀頃に築かれた街を取り囲む城壁と塔や門、財を成した商人たちの建てた美しい家々、教会、泉など、往時の面影がそのまま残されています。14世紀からマーケットタウンとして栄えた伝統を受け継いでおり、季節市や週市など、街の広場でさまざまな市場が開かれています。
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  • レザン

    Leysin, located on a terrace at an altitude of 1200 metres above sea level above Aigle in the lower Rhone Valley, in addition to affording fantastic views of the Rhone Plain, Mont Blanc, Dents du Midi and Diablerets is an attractive family holiday world.
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  • Ernen

    The idyllic mountain village of Ernen lies on the left side of the valley of Goms, above Fiesch. The village is part of Binntal Nature Park and is also well-known as a musical village, acting as the venue for an annual musical festival with international artists.
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  • Madulain

    For those who are looking for peace and quiet, Madulain is the place to go. The smallest commune in the upper Engadine has no more than 200 inhabitants, but the special charm of its typical Engadine houses and cultivated Rhaeto-Romanic culture is all the more convincing.
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  • Alt St. Johann

    Nestled between the mighty Säntis massif and the seven Churfirsten peaks, the resorts of Alt St. Johann, Unterwasser and Wildhaus are among the highest-lying municipalities in Toggenburg. Eastern Switzerland's largest winter sports area is just one hour from the airport and Zurich.
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  • San Bernardino

    Near the crest of the pass lies the holiday resort San Bernardino. Bogs, pine trees and a special flora lend San Bernardino a unique atmosphere. The wet meadows around the village produce a wetland flora that boasts the largest number of species in the southern part of the Alps. In winter, when the pass road is closed, San Bernardino turns into a winter sport paradise.
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  • Glarnerland

    The family-friendly Braunwald, Elm and Martinsloch, the picturesque Klöntal Lake (Klöntalersee): In the Glarus Region there is much to be discovered. This beautiful (and fairly unknown) part of the world can be reached in less than an hour from Zürich.
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  • Nax / Mont-Nobl

    Mountain-lovers, those who enjoy tradition and conviviality, hiking fans and adventure enthusiasts, Nax awaits you in the heart of the Valais region at an altitude of 1,300 m, 20 minutes away from Sion.
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  • ゴムス地方

    ヴァレー州高地にあり、ローヌ河にそってのびる広いローヌ谷の一部。 先史時代やローマ時代にさかのぼる歴史のある地域で、木のシャレーが立ち並ぶ素朴な山村が点在しています。
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  • Solothurn

    言語:ドイツ語/カントン:ソロトゥルン(SO)/標高:435m ベルンとバーゼルの間、ジュラ山麓でアーレ河畔に位置するソロトゥルン州の州都。ローマ時代に遡る歴史を誇り、中世には自由都市として発展しました。今も旧市街に12〜18世紀の建物が残っています。さまざまな建築様式が混ざっていますが、とくに貴族の邸宅など美しいバロック建築があり、スイスで最も美しいバロック都市としても有名です。面白いのは教会や噴水、塔の数、大聖堂の祭壇や鐘、正面階段の数などが全て11、州としても11番目にスイス連邦に加盟するなど、聖なる数字11の町といわれています。
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  • Mellingen

    At the centre of Mellingen is a medieval old town, laid out like an isosceles triangle along the left bank of the River Reuss and split in the middle by a short main alleyway. The town walls were demolished in the 18th century.
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  • ローザンヌ Lausanne

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  • Axalp

    Axalp is a clearing at 1535 metres altitude above the resort of Brienz. It can be reached by post bus or car in 35 minutes from the village. Axalp is ideally located for hiking in summer and skiing in winter.
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  • Champoussin

    This Valaisan village, built in the architectural style typical of the Val d'Illiez, will enchant you with its rustic authenticity. The resort is situated at an altitude of 1'600 m in the shadow of the majestic Dents du Midi Mountains.
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  • サース・フェー

    言語:ドイツ語/カントン:ヴァレー(VS)/標高:1798m ローヌ谷からのびるフィスパ谷に続くサース谷の中心地。スイス国内最高峰ドームを含む4000m級の山々と雄大な氷河を抱く美しい村は “アルプスの真珠”とも呼ばれています。野生動物や高山植物の宝庫でもあり、まさにアルプスの魅力を存分に満喫できる山岳リゾートです。
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  • Thurgau

    Thurgau, the cyclist's holiday paradise on Lake Constance The Canton of Thurgau extends across undulating countryside along the southern banks of Lake Constance. This area attracts cyclists, families and nature lovers alike. After all, where else is the water so close and the mountains at your fingertips.
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  • ロモン

    Romont, a small picturesque town dating back from the 10th century, is located on the main roads and railway lines connecting Lausanne and Fribourg, between the lakes and the mountains.
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  • Merligen

    Due to its wonderful location at the southern slope of the Niederhorn, directly on the right bank of Lake Thun, Merligen enjoys a Mediterranean climate all year round. The lake breeze and the panorama of the Bernese Alps, which seem close enough to touch, put you into a holiday mood.
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  • Weggis

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  • Val d'Anniviers

    The Val d'Anniviers is a Valaisian side-valley defined by a rich cultural tradition. The chain of authentic mountain villages with sun-blackened houses extends from Siere in the Rhone Valley to the climbers’ village of Grimentz.
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  • Chiasso

    Chiasso, Pedrinate and Seseglio are at the southern tip of Switzerland. The customs town borders the Italian region of Lombardy and is an important starting point for discovering the variety of experiences in Mendrisiotto. The park of the Breggia Gorges, the Muggio Valley and Monte Generoso are close by.
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  • バーデン Baden

    チューリヒから流れるリマット川沿いにある古都。複数の温泉(バード Bad)を意味する地名の通り、紀元前からその効能で知られる名湯の地です。近世には産業都市として栄え、豊かな文化が華開いた都市でもあります。
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  • ベットマーアルプ

    言語:ドイツ語/カントン:ヴァレー(VS)/標高:1948m アルプス初の世界遺産として有名なアレッチ氷河観光の拠点として知られる山村。隣接するリーダーアルプと同じくガソリン車乗り入れ禁止のカーフリーリゾートです。年間約300日という晴天率を誇り、夏のハイキングから冬のスノースポーツまで1年を通してさまざまなアクティビティが楽しめます。
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